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  1. Seems to me Trump's racism comes down to the same thing that all his other questionable behavior does: his supporters don't have to participate in the questionable behavior or even outwardly support it if he carries that mantle for them. Nobody has to lie if they "believe" what he's doing is for the good of the party. That's why the evangelicals in particular have it so good. They can claim this is all part of god's plan and that his sins are forgiven and this is all for the greater good. I really can't imagine a better scenario for a man like Trump to thrive in - especially considering all t
  2. The problem is anonymous discourse isn't debate. I'm sure in the past or even at times in the present there have been substantial conversations in this forum. But from what I've seen, neither side is willing to give an inch and the result is trolling or worse. I've seen discussions of substance in the individual policy threads, but trump as a topic is so toxic to one side and intoxicating to the other, it's simply leads to nowhere. My guess is that any number of the trump supporters in this thread would have almost pleasant discussions with his most ardent critics face-to-face.
  3. Oh you know that would never happen. Let's be honest, if Sean Hannity was involved in this exact same scenario there would be a video of him being thrown down a flight of stairs and there would be thousands of views and tens of thousands of "likes." Hannity would never in a million years stand in that close of proximity of someone with intent to fight him.
  4. In my opinion, this is just not the place for actual discourse between trump and non-trump folks. I occasionally comment if I feel there's an opportunity for an actual conversation, but this is after all, a thread wholly supporting a trump reelection. And as I'm sure you've noticed, they don't really care what he does as long as it keeps them in power. But the magat stuff is just not going to get read unless you're trolling and you find someone who's also looking for a fight. None of that is necessarily positive. You're better off posting in a non-conservative thread if you want to discu
  5. Yep, Pettine & Co. are looking at game film and must not have liked what they saw. That or Hoyer is a leader - as has been said by plenty - and they are in a playoff race. If you put JFF in there now and he flames out, what are you going to do? Other than start booking rooms at Atlantis.
  6. What are these self serving antics? What exactly has he done wrong? If you can't see what he does that can/is/should be considered self serving, I don't know what to tell you. And wrong? Who said anything about wrong? It's not about right and wrong; it's about ##### vs moxie.
  7. His moxie? Really? One man's moxie is another man's douchey. I like how self-serving antics and arrogance have now become moxie.
  8. That'll teach me to try to multi task. Browns homer's are usually all rose colored glasses at this point, they're not this time. The anti crowd is still anti, but they're just not being that vocal. They seem to be watching waiting for him to screw up. Why they're doing it with Manziel and most did not with Quinn, McCoy, Weeden, etc. No clue. That's what surprises me. Because Johnny is another animal entirely from the players listed. Even the skeptics and haters (panther) can see and feel it. True, just perplexing how a fanbase can spin those QB's into the possible answer while they can't
  9. It was split 50/50 at draft time, the needle has shifted a little but there are still a lot of skeptics around here. I'm kinda surprised. Why are you surprised?
  10. I fully expect fans of Cleveland to buy in to the hype. I fully expect the rest of the football world to be skeptical. And I fully expect the two sides to see two completely different things when watching. The key here is that there are a ton of people watching. And that's what the Browns' brass was hoping for (and the NFL for that matter). I watched a ton of his collegiate career and was thoroughly entertained. I don't care for the kid, personally, and think a few honest-to-goodness NFL hits will do him some good. But I'll watch.
  11. Have to say this was my thought as well. I see a fair amount of use of the words "impressive" and "solid" in the headlines, but I wasn't left with that. I saw a guy who took off too quickly, or too late, and in between was not looking downfield. He went with the short safe throw every time it seemed. Maybe that's ok for a rookie's first preseason game with 2s and 3s but there were young backup QBs who had better performances thid past weekend, including Griffin, Thomas, Bortles, Kellen Moore (in the same game) even Austin Davis. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe he was throwing to his p
  12. This goofball is the prime example of what's wrong with the media and the sports world [ESPN has created] of today. It doesn't matter how good he is - it only matters how long he'll last. And it isn't going to be a significant amount of time. You can tell even the Cleveland media believes this just by how much mileage they're getting out of his "events." To paraphrase Billick - "Hoyer is Hoyer and Cleveland is Cleveland. What Manziel does means nothing this year unless you get him in meaningful games." Who here actually believes Cleveland is going to be in a meaningful game this year? Unless t
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