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  1. Sent McLaurin and Henry for Mack and Golden in ppr.
  2. Has anyone seen McLaurin traded in 12T-ppr? Curious what he's going for.
  3. Hunter Henry looks to be only a week or two away. Their schedule isn't great but it's not terrible by any means. He's not likely a league winner, but at the dumpster fire that is TE he's a nice stash. Could even be on the wire.
  4. He's right at his ceiling IMO. And that's fine with me. Stay healthy, kid. And Jay, don't. Just don't.
  5. Does Ito Smith need to be rostered? I don't see him anywhere on these lists. Certainly possible he's fallen off in past efforts. Curious how hold-worthy he is at this point. Bad O-line and Freeman looks healthy. I'm not even sure he'd be the guy if Freeman went down.
  6. 100%. At minimum put it in the politics forum where it can bask in its own toxicity like the rest of those threads.
  7. Sig, Need some help in PPR: We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs 1 TE and 2 R/W/T flex spots. RBs: Kamara, Fournette, DWilliams, CThompson WRs: Kupp, Godwin, Kirk, McLaurin, AJ Brown What’s my best 6 from the list above?
  8. Good point. Thats a decent team with a stellar O-line. I tend to think he's a better option - or at least just as good - as the WW fodder as it stands right now. And if Mack has any consistency from week to week those underneath routes are going to open up and you'd think the goal line as well.
  9. Is it crazy to think this guy has value this season with the streaming possibilities out there? What are those of you who drafted Ebron doing with him as of now? Holding? Already dropped him? I'm inclined to think that JB will lean heavily on the TE at some point. But that could easily be false and that TE could easily be Doyle. Is there hope?
  10. PPR Rolling the dice with Andrews ROS is probably risky, but the Henry owner in my league is tilting. Would you take MVS for Ebron?
  11. If the NFL comments on this, or certainly takes action, that's when this will be a real story, IMO. It's been reported that he's practicing, so obviously the Patriots are moving forward as though this is a non-issue (although, they're as familiar with above-the-law antics as anyone). They certainly could be taking a wait and see approach, which is probably something we all should do. Here's hoping the right side comes out ahead.
  12. Going to ride this train one, maybe two more stops. In my opinion, if you don't know what you have after 3 games, you don't have anything worth keeping. However, I believe it's relatively difficult to trust one game's worth of info. FTR I think you're probably correct.
  13. Anyone rolling this dude out there vs Dallas?
  14. So awesome that you still do this, Sig. much appreciated. PPR FLEX: Pettis or Kirk? THANKS!!
  15. The loons are working overtime to spin this abortion of a story. Buckle up, America. Somehow it’s going to get worse yet before it gets better.
  16. Interesting. Thanks for the insight.
  17. Seems to me Trump's racism comes down to the same thing that all his other questionable behavior does: his supporters don't have to participate in the questionable behavior or even outwardly support it if he carries that mantle for them. Nobody has to lie if they "believe" what he's doing is for the good of the party. That's why the evangelicals in particular have it so good. They can claim this is all part of god's plan and that his sins are forgiven and this is all for the greater good. I really can't imagine a better scenario for a man like Trump to thrive in - especially considering all the hollow progress we've made in this country with regards to race relations. We were so, so, so naive to think that a black president was the mark of a changed society.
  18. Gotcha. Do you think that's an effective practice? I'm in the construction world, in and around all types and price points for residential construction all over the country, and I've yet to see this in practice. I raised the question because it's something that's puzzled me for years. Why wouldn't the government give ample tax credits to the country's biggest and best builders if they participated in the construction of affordable housing? And I'm talking about communities - not sections of affordable units in a high-density platform. Is it the obvious reason? That the industry as a whole isn't into low or zero margin projects? Do you think there's a way to incentivize this process enough to get the major players to participate? I'm not a tax guy or a finance guy, but it seems like there is an opportunity there.
  19. Are large corporations in the residential construction world given tax incentives for building affordable housing?
  20. The problem is anonymous discourse isn't debate. I'm sure in the past or even at times in the present there have been substantial conversations in this forum. But from what I've seen, neither side is willing to give an inch and the result is trolling or worse. I've seen discussions of substance in the individual policy threads, but trump as a topic is so toxic to one side and intoxicating to the other, it's simply leads to nowhere. My guess is that any number of the trump supporters in this thread would have almost pleasant discussions with his most ardent critics face-to-face.
  21. If we outlawed everything but potato guns I’m sure the legislation could be co-opted as a farm stimulus. Win-win.
  22. This is precisely the problem. With this and many other issues. It's not just you and your family's country, bub. Some of these changes are going to take lifetimes.
  23. Cute. Actually, this is what you said: "Then we can assume you have a medical condition that requires marijuana use." So, I'll ask again, what does marijuana have to do with anything?
  24. If it's legal and it's legal for recreational use, how is it in any way relevant?
  25. Is this outlier a reason to do nothing? I don't think we're ever going to get to a point where we start taking guns away. I do believe this situation will take a long time to change and longer to heal, but we have to start somewhere.
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