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  1. if me starting gainwell today is what it took for sanders to have a convincing game for the coaches to see, so be it. just give me some clarity
  2. And it's not even like Sanders is benefiting from it. Still the same usage for him even with all the vacant touches. Baffling
  3. Wait Siriani has never called plays before? And he said that's part of his expertise lol
  4. Fournette looking like he's going to be one of the steals of the draft.
  5. gainwell was also wide open in the middle
  6. I'm not even sure he would work out for any team. Brady is probably the only person in the league that would make AB not act like he's bigger than the team.
  7. holy crap sherman hammy, bucs secondary is in actual shambles
  8. no gainwell on that drive at all. however no RB rush that drive either.
  9. Barrett is insane at getting off the line.
  10. Started Gainwell over Sanders also. Hopefully we made the right play lol
  11. Is Sanders or Gainwell the play vs TB? Seems like Philly is going to be playing from behind so Gainwell looks to be the guy. However Sanders got a bunch of targets last game, although he was unproductive with them. If he continues to see 4-5 targets, it does wonders for his outlook. I didn't watch the game so I don't know if he was getting any 4 / 2 minute drill work that normally goes to Gainwell for dumpoffs.
  12. Put in a claim for CAR, may also put one in for CLE last minute in case I don't get CAR. Dropping DEN
  13. Any chance the new coach will utilize him more?
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