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  1. Well, things aren't looking grim or anything atm but KC just played vs a team with someone who tested positive. Things turned out fine for the Vikings but who knows if things take a turn with other teams.
  2. I dropped them for KC. They haven't been great plus the covid uncertainty made me pull the trigger. Now there's uncertainty looming with KC 🤷‍♂️
  3. Well the Kamara owner changed his mind so now I'm on board. I am curious how he looks without AJB drawing coverage, but with Godwin and Golladay out I have no choice to roll him out. Let's go!
  4. I liked what I saw on Monday. Tried giving Lat Murray to the Kamara owner for Davis and it looks like he’s gonna hold. I’m sad
  5. Have Dissly and Henry. Looking to offload one of them. I just acquired Russell Wilson so I’ll prob keep the stack. Plus Henry will prolly demand more off name value alone. Thoughts?
  6. https://twitter.com/danielrpopper/status/1179862849666965505 Doing sprints today in a knee brace. Time to add?
  7. I didn’t watch the game but streamed them and saw that they tore it up. Did they look good or was it more the Bengals being bad? Minkah was a big add, and I figured it would instantly upgrade them. Also the later part of their schedule is quite juicy.
  8. If PIT looks improved with the addition of Minkah, the back half of their schedule looks great.
  9. Are yall done with DEN or running them out for another week?
  10. I certainly like him over the rookie WRs. I'm hoping to nab him without reaching into my pockets in FAAB.
  11. Going to drop Dallas for Denver, despite the first 3 weeks for the Cowboys. With the AB mess, an already good 1st week match up turns juicy, and Denver might just become a sack machine with Fangio.
  12. Denver and Pats are on my wire. Currently have Dallas and thinking of picking one of them up. I know Denver is supposed to be good this year but their schedule doesn’t look very inspiring. Pats have a lot of juicy match ups after week 1. Are these defenses too good to leave out there?
  13. I was debating dropping PIT for CHI but I think I’m going to keep PIT because of the forecast. I see a run oriented, low scoring game with some turnovers.
  14. Want to bump this thread as it looks like I’ll be streaming to start the season, like most years. I’m currently rostering Pitt D, but there are some decent options on the wire like Carolina, Chicago, Tennessee. Thoughts? Who are y’all looking to pair / start the season with? Who do y’all have as the surprise defense? I have my eye on Cleveland.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLjU4yYNI_4 Here's a video of his touches. Watched the game, and thought he looked good. Wentz looked comfortable with him, and went to him on third downs often. They're moving him around. Wentz threw deep another time but under threw him (not that he was really open). Also, if Wentz throws a better ball at 1:40 Nelson gets a surefire second touchdown. I like what I see and glad I got to scoop him.
  16. Yeah I was actually convinced HH was going to take over earlier in the season. However, I've watched almost all SD games this year and Rivers just keeps feeding Gates, especially in the RZ / EZ. He's certainly not going away, and his usage has only increased since his hamstring injury. Part of the reason why Gates is now on my roster, and sadly, had to let HH go.
  17. The blurb made it to Rotoworld, which is now a note next to the player name. Hoping the owner just sees it and makes a quick reaction after the stinker. FWIW his WRs are struggling and kinda deep at RB. I offered AR15.
  18. I do think they will try to get Gates the record but as we saw last night, Henry is going to get his share of redzone / endzone targets as well. He caught a one yard TD last week too. The TD last night looked like he was the first look on a designed play. He also made a nice grab to bring it down. Arrow pointing way up imo.
  19. My argument against the Green situation is that, as you mentioned, Henry is already a better TE than Green, and Gates was 1-3 years younger during those years. May not seem like much but when you're in the late 30s, perhaps it's more than we think. I guess we'll see how it plays out but I see it more like Henry being the primary tight end and Gates becoming the secondary, specialty TE.
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