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  1. This year I'm doing the biggest one yet - a 6-Rib, 17.8 lb standing rib roast. I usually use the "5 Minutes per Pound at 500 degrees then shut it off" method, but that would bring me to almost 90 minutes at 500 to start. Makes me more than a little nervous. I was thinking 50-60 minutes at 500 degrees at the most. Any experienced people with an opinion?
  2. Those slow-motion Bounty paper towel commercials. "Noooooooo".
  3. Interesting, as Colbert denies making an offer per CBS Sports .
  4. Still hate the whispering at Tribal, but kinda glad they put in subtitles this time so you could make out all of the confusion.
  5. I'd throw in Nolan Ryan's strikeout record of 5714. It would take 19 years of 300 strikeouts to get close. That'll never happen in today's game.
  6. Jack Sheldon Kids of the '70's and '80's might better remember him as the voice of Conjunction Junction or Bill from Schoolhouse Rock.
  7. Up by 43. Opponent has Cousins, Boone, and Theilen in standard PPR. CBS giving me a 45% chance.
  8. Projection for Dion Lewis this week? Deciding between him or Washington in PPR.
  9. My old office would get 2 boxes of this for Christmas from a vendor. The stuff was like crack!!
  10. Pouncey's suspension reduced from 3 games to 2 games. So there's that.
  11. Really looking forward to the Bill Cowher "A Football Life" documentary tonight on NFL Network
  12. These were the WR's and the order they were taken: Hilton Fitzgerald Baldwin Cooper Hogan Diggs D. Thomas Tate JuJu
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