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  1. Wouldn't you report if you were going to get $330K per game to be a backup? He will have thrown $1M out the window after this week.
  2. Everything depends on his market next year. If he can't find a deal as good as what the Chargers were offering and he's throwing out $2M+ this year then it's terrible advice that he got.
  3. They aren't negotiating a contract any more. Why would they? He's under contract. Has to come back in 7 weeks. And they only have to pay him 1/2 his salary. His best chance is to talk to the Bucs or 49ers. But I would imagine they have little interest in signing him for $13m a year for 3+ years. If he hasn't found out his market is right in line with what the Chargers offered him at this point, he's stupid.
  4. Melvin's leverage went to zero after the Austin Ekeler show last weekend. They are not giving him any offers whatsoever. He's just throwing away paychecks at this point.
  5. Yeah, that's a bit too far. Think I'm done with this thread if that's what it's come to. Good luck everyone.
  6. He would have to play well regardless once he reports because he is playing for next years contract. Wouldn't it help the Chargers in future potential holdouts? These guys will know that if they plan to hold out, they are going to eat big fines.
  7. Would they actually enforce the preseason fines? I think that's around $2M. That's really the Chargers trump card isn't it? They could just say show up now or we are enforcing the pre season fines. He would report that day I would imagine.
  8. Big takeaway was the snaps. On the field for 51 snaps is big. Looked like they were using him as a slot WR a lot with Davis on the field too. I don't have him but I would be happy with what I saw if I did. Close games or games they are trailing he should be solid.
  9. I really like Gio Bernard too. Not as young as most guys mentioned here but he was really good when Mixon was out last year. Goes really late in drafts or doesn't get drafted in shallow leagues.
  10. Penny for sure could be if Carson is banged up. But he stills costs quite a bit in drafts. Prosise I don't think so. A lot would have to happen for him to become a King Maker. If Penny is considered, I really like Alexander Mattison. Odds of Dalvin lasting until fantasy playoffs are really low IMO.
  11. Works for the Patriots. Remember when Jamie Collins wanted big $$$? Boom, you're now a Cleveland Brown.
  12. Isn't it really just TB or PHI (if you they take Howard in return)? The only other team that would have a need for him would be the Chargers.
  13. Jordan Scarlett. If CMac goes down, Scarlett could see a big share of the work. Reggie Bonnafon the only other back on the roster right now.
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