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  1. There's some flexibility as well. Morales played a handful of games at 1B the last couple years. Heck he even played 5 games in RF last year. Probably wasn't pretty. Pearce can play OF as well. You can find a game or two each week with Jose at DH which should help to keep him at full strength. He could even probably do some work at 1B. I would say the top 6 bats in the lineup are as strong as anyones in the AL. The rotation is right near the top of the AL. Osuna is a 2nd tier closer behind the Chapmans and Brittons. Really comes down to bullpen and bottom third. You can add a good se
  2. Personnally I like it. Donaldson was a 30 HR guy in Oakland, turned into a 40 HR guy in TO. Morales was a 30 HR guy in KC, I could see him as a 35-40 HR guy in TO. Nobody likes Smoak. But you take his 600 AB's in TO the last two years which is the equivalent of a full season he's got 77 R, 93 RBI and 32 HR. Pearce is a wild card. He stays healthy, he could be a solid bat. Those 3 cost about $21M a year. The same as Encarnacion plus two league minimum guys (Cecillani and Lake types). Which trio is better? Last year everyone wanted David Price. But instead we got 'stuck'
  3. It seems to be the same thing every year. Everybody wants their team to sign the big free agents. Who were the big signings last year? And what did they do? 1. Jason Heyward signed 8 years - $184M and hit .230 with 7 HR and 11 SB. 2. Zack Greinke signed 6 years - $206M and went 4.37/1.273. 3. David Price signed 7 years - $217M and went 3.99/1.204. 4. Justin Upton signed 6 years - $132M and was below career norms every where but HR. Alex Gordon, Chris Davis also had down years. Those were the top 6 ranked that signed multi year contracts (Cespedes 3 year deal was r
  4. Agree 100%. I liked Revere, he was a big upgrade in LF last year but they weren't really using him to his full potential with only 9 attempted steals in 56 games. An extra late inning arm is huge. Now they have some options. Sanchez can go to the rotation if they find a good deal for Dickey. Or they can leave him in the pen and have Sanchez, Storen, Osuna for 7,8,9.
  5. True. But the Royals were a pretty strong team all around. Had a pretty solid lineup, played good D, had average starting pitching and a lights out bullpen. All that I am saying is it would be nice to have an ace and making Stroman a strong #2.
  6. Seriously? In a heartbeat. Talked to a non BJ fan and he said it's not enough though. Dodgers would have to give up Seager, Pederson, Urias plus two more. That's a far more valuable package than the one I am proposing. Aces are so valuable. If you had Fernandez, Stroman would be a great #2. In a playoff series, you could start those two 4 times, your odds of winning that series are extremely high. But if you are starting Stroman, Estrada, Dickey, Happ, Stroman, Estrada, Dickey in a 7 game series, odds are you don't win IMO.
  7. I think when they signed Happ for 3/$36,000,000 they mistakingly added an extra 0 at the end. Haha! Jose Fernandez is apparently available. He's 23 and is a proven ace but he's coming off TJ. Do the Jays have a package that could get him? They say they want 5-6 young major league ready players. I would drop Roberto Osuna, Aaron Sanchez, Dalton Pompey, Devon Travis and Drew Hutchison for him. Is it enough and would you do it?
  8. I guess it wouldn't be a hard sell though. With his 9 ERA on the road, maybe he wants to sit out this road trip.
  9. Drew Hutchison optioned to AAA. They are going to roll with a 4 man rotation for a bit. Move makes sense but what does it do to a guys confidence??? You just pitched two gems last week, your reward is a bus trip to Buffalo. I don't particularily think Hutch is great but when on he does have the stuff to win games for them where I see Buehrle more as a guy that is more of a not lose games type.
  10. Probably right. Thinking they should do something like trade Max Pentecost to the Phillies for Ben Revere.
  11. Well... It's going to be either 2) or 3). This move doesn't make sense if it's the only move they make. I imagine everything on the farm is going to get traded now. The question is, do they have enough bullets left in the gun to land a front line starter and a closer?
  12. Haven't the Jays been linked to everyone in the world that is able to throw a ball? Haha. Seems that way.
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