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  1. Knee to the back of the head I didn’t see it doesn’t sound great though
  2. I’d love to see the Ravens go after Golladay in free agency this year. That’s the kind of wr we need. Big, make contested catches, reliable 3rd and long target. Brown’s ceiling is probably Brandin Cooks, I respect both players but you can’t catch balls you can’t reach (do wish Brown would learn to draw PI like Cooks though, definitely not there yet)
  3. The plan was also for Hollywood to be a legit nfl WR. We passed up Metcalf for Brown if you can believe that. They hadnt gone multiple TE sets nearly as much as last two years with Lamar, I think the coaching staff was looking at last year Lamar as the baseline and changing the offense to suit. Hasn’t worked out that way of course.
  4. We lost Ronnie Stanley in the Pittsburgh game two weeks back, massive difference since then in the quality of the Ravens O-Line.
  5. On the bright side the Bengals trainers and coaching staff realized there’s a 10-11 week recovery timetable 7 weeks into the injury and that sure beats the AJ Green scenario last year. Way to suck at your jobs slightly less this year guys.
  6. The Metcalf hype is certainly legit. It’s all we Ravens fans talk about this year with the Ravens passing game what it is and how we passed up Metcalf for Hollywood. Like you said he’s getting there. Can’t imagine he’s drafted outside of the top 12 WRs next year in most leagues. And you can see that being spot on you can also see it taking one more year I feel like, it will be fun to watch.
  7. I’m curious how Metcalf will look on the tape. On the broadcast there were two plays in the 2nd half you could see him quitting on too early and you add that to a couple rough drops might make for an awkward film session in the WR room tomorrow.
  8. Last week I dreamed a large awkward white man was stealing touchdowns from a large container Alvin Kamara was holding while Drew Brees was crying in the background. I thought it meant I just needed to get out of the house more and stop obsessing over fantasy. But it all makes sense now...
  9. It’s gotta be something like that. Rare but when guys fall at home or something and are injured you usually hear that as the explanation, but Lions aren’t saying anything. Detroit Free Press: “It's unclear when Swift suffered his injury. He was a full participant in practice Wednesday and held a post-practice video conference with reporters.” Full contact Wednesday practice with your just named starting RB would be peak Patricia too. Link to DFP story quoted above.
  10. 9/9 tonight. Easily looked like the best WR on the field, and that’s with Hopkins and Metcalf playing. Metcalf was 3/5 one was a bad drop the other banged off his helmet in the end zone ended the drive with a FG instead. They seemed intent on trying to get Metcalf the ball, but it seemed like everything just flowed more easily when Lockett was getting the targets.
  11. They did double Hopkins on that throw to Isabella. Looked like Murray’s first read too
  12. So basically Greg Olson just partially ruptured his Achilles and now he’s gonna take Troy’s job. Sorry that happened to Greg but not sorry for Troy.
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