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  1. Prolly needs its own thread: How did public bathrooms get to be separated by sex in the first place?
  2. I need my employees producing. I don’t want them sick and I don’t want them using that week job hunting. I like your approach. The cost of doing business.
  3. You would pay every employee even if they already got vaccinated?
  4. This has long been dead. Trumps election proved that. *for clarification I’m not blaming Trump I’m saying he’s a result of it. 100% People spew hate these days. Its really sad. My observation is that people truly believe the only way they will be heard is if they scream and and go extreme in their speach.
  5. Excellent response. So setting does matter. Is it fair to say then that not -every- business should require vaccinations?
  6. How would you sell that to the employees who already got vaccinated but didnt get paid to do so?
  7. Please don't get into the weeds here, the intent of the question is very straight forward. Should employers mandate their workers be COVID vaccinated? Allowances made for medical and "strongly held religious" beliefs. For those who meet the exceptions, they are required to be masked at all times unless eating. Consider this question as if you owned or led the business. You were in charge and you had to make the choice on this topic. Do you require all of your employees to get vaccinated. When it comes down to brass tacks, are you willing to fire employees who are willing to mask-up but not get the vax? What if it impacted your business? For additional context consider that your company already has an ~90% vax rate. Also note this is not a question of legality. This is a pure question of "should", not "could".
  8. Alito gave a speech today at Notre Dame law school in which he called out several media companies, but also bloggers and (essentially) twitters, in some cases by name, due to perceived criticism of him. Extremely odd if your perspective of the Court goes back any significant distance, but I suppose not so unusual in the current context. Its cray cray to think SOCTUS judges to have thing skin. I think he got into the wrong business.
  9. Is this schtick? I dont see the headline, sounded interesting.
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