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  1. I did. Still down over 30% though... still down?
  2. Just bought my first cool mil shares. Feel free to jump on IMJX ... TO THE MOON!!1!!11!
  3. With a strong day today and stimmy checks looming, this may be a good speculative week
  4. Ill settle for a 3% if it holds ...
  5. Look at GE today. You dirty little whore of a stonk you!
  6. The only play Im pretty solid on the next couple weeks is DKNG. I have pretty high confidence March Madness is going to put people in a good mood. We need another UMBC or nuns-in-chairs to get the fires hawt!
  7. I hope I'm wrong but seems like a bounce to me. We'll see where volume settles after the opening rush. I'm staying on the side still. Good for short term traders though! Well ... I need a couple more weeks for my pennies to turn around. The last 1-2 week pullback has been brutal
  8. Opened hot. Now tempered. Lunch time crash and burn? Where are those martinis?
  9. I had a wanky week last week. down like ** mostly on GME. I may start shotgunning the pennies again soon. Just an off week. Mind sharing what pennies you have and at what costs? All my pennies are down (some quite a bit), dont follow me. It should be noted pennies are down across the board. AZFL .0026 CBBT .25 CCTL .03 HVCW .0028 INND .03 JPEX .0018 LGTT .0010 PRMO .0019 RBNW .0049 TRUFF .51 UNVC .12 VSYM .0009
  10. The thread shows the FINRA data and that the short interest is now at something like 12%.
  11. Nice GME DD for those not on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/lsvl8k/really_long_dd_and_analysis_what_happened/
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