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  1. The thread shows the FINRA data and that the short interest is now at something like 12%.
  2. Nice GME DD for those not on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/lsvl8k/really_long_dd_and_analysis_what_happened/
  3. The Shark move as Dodds has pointed out is to recall the shares. The reality is Cohen has created an army of fanboy loyalists. A literal army across the globe. The worst thing he could do for the health of the company is to screw them over. You want to create brand loyalty which is going to be passed on from generation to generation? You make it about David vs Goliath with a happy ending. A bed time story memorialized in movies. Diamond ####### hands forever. All of us not selling, we get to be part of that story. Recalling the shares skyrockets the stock price. This may be the r
  4. I just put an order in for 10 more at 95. Just because Dodds put his at 94
  5. Im with you, sold a little earlier today. Took my medium position and put it into GME.
  6. someone will step in, halt trading and settle at a price determined to be "fair" that screws retail. Privatizing profits and then socializing losses. GME has a real opportunity here to write some big time lore. They can play this out to maximize profits or can play it out to be the bastion of ethics and morality in an area of corporate greed.
  7. Are people worried GME squeeze will brake the hamster wheel?
  8. Im not sure I will play in the space as I am not sure about timing, but I have to believe Casino's, Cruise lines, and hotels are the best options. Maybe even ski resorts are a shark move timing wise.
  9. Swaymoney posted this Wednesday - https://investorplace.com/hypergrowthinvesting/2021/02/lucid-motors-cciv-stock-merger-confirmed-buy-cciv-10x-gains/ Dave Portnoy pimped it on Twitter today. To the moon! Edited just now by Wild Young Billy I got a small portion at the bell at 30.60
  10. At the bell I got some GME at 117.06
  11. Im in for a couple more to help average me down.
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