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  1. Sure, I'll read it. But citing "facts" from the Center for American Progress website is like citing "facts" from DJT. Fair feedback: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/center-for-american-progress/
  2. If this movement is going to keep pushing milquetoast politicians that have no fire in their bellies, like Romney, it will be DOA. The same Romney who ran against Obama. That Romney who has no fire in their belly?
  3. I think I found the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LORVfnFtcH0 Yup - thats the one!!
  4. Suicide rates? Sure. Then we need to take a long hard look at razor blades, pharmaceuticals, rope and bridges to see if they should be part of a modern society too. Let's look at all weapons used in murders too. Lets not: https://www.sprc.org/scope/means-suicide
  5. If the Trump led GOP breaks into 2 parties, it will not end well for the GOP.
  6. If you think the usa is bad. Try a socialist utopia like california. I'm going to laugh at your post choosing to believe it was made sarcastically.
  7. Ignorance really is bliss. Enjoy! Was Biden responsible for Solarwinds?
  8. I can't speak for fish or anyone else but my guess is that most people know that guns are used in most of the mass killings. I'm pretty sure you won't find many similar articles for different tools. “Where did they get the hammer? A comprehensive look at Colorado’s history of public hammer violence” “Where did they get the golf club? A comprehensive look at Colorado’s history of public golf club violence” Makes me think of the video I cannot find, the one of what an mass shooting in the office would look like if the shooter was using a colonial days rifle.
  9. Or Green energy :backsawayslowly: Our population has the attention span of a knat. No one is realizing anything. This is why we have the federal regulations. So much greed, immoral, un-ethical activity. We are unable to critically think as a populace. Even worse, science is under-attack.
  10. I dont like the stock. Take a look at the 1-year. Pretty volatile if you ask me
  11. My link: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/05/ransomware-crooks-post-cops-psych-evaluations-after-talks-with-dc-police-stall/ Its going to continue to get worse. For the utility industry you have entities like NERC and FERC. For standard companies you have basics like ISO and SSAE/SOC. Just like safety regulations, the govt is going to have to step in to make some of this stuff mandatory and auditable, just like financials. There is too much at risk and no incentive for companies to give a crap until its too late. Anyone remember Equifax? I mean, geez. Our attention spans a
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