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  1. CBS is reporting a ruling could come as soon ad Monday.
  2. What is Cook's value in a PPR dynasty league in trade for just 2018 rookie picks? What would you be willing to buy for and what would it take to sell?
  3. Took him 1.06 yesterday. Don't care if he plays this year. Luxury pick though with the team I have.
  4. Cook's legal issues date back to his time at Miami Central High School: The Orlando Sentinel reported that Cook was arrested as a juvenile and charged with robbery in 2009, though prosecutors later dropped the case. He also was arrested a year later and charged with firing a weapon and possession of a weapon at an event on school property. Those chargers were either dropped or abandoned, the newspaper reported. Cook was charged with criminal mischief in June 2014 after he was one of several players involved in an alleged shooting with a BB gun that caused property damage. Cook was given pretrial intervention. Sports Illustrated reported that Cook also was issued a citation in July 2014 for a violation of animal care after he allegedly left three pit bull puppies chained up by the neck outside. In July 2015, a woman accused Cook of punching her while outside of a Tallahassee bar. He was charged with misdemeanor battery and suspended indefinitely from the football team. He was found not guilty -- the jury delivered the verdict in less than 25 minutes after a daylong trial -- and immediately reinstated to the team. Though Cook has no convictions on his record, the multiple charges and brushes with the law will give NFL teams pause.
  5. Once a player is in the NFL you can find their records at this link: http://nflarrest.com/
  6. Peterson sucks at pass pro, can't run out of shotgun, and is a poor receiving back. Doesn't look too bad for Ingram in my opinion.
  7. Seems like it was the cool thing last year to hate on Freeman. Must be having deja vu.
  8. That is a bad trade for you. If you haven't rejected the trade yet you are moving too slow.
  9. Leonard Fournette decalred his intention to enter the 2017 draft.
  10. Are you being an as@ about it? Seems the answer is yes to both.
  11. My point is more that Foreman made the announcement himself. To me the player making the announcement weighs more than some random reporter.
  12. D'Onta Foreman announced his intention to enter the draft.
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000736009/article/swinney-deshaun-watson-three-others-intend-to-enter-draft
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