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  1. These reporters are all flying by the seat of their pants. No one knows what the hell the actual count is. What a time to be alive, history is going to spend a lot of time on 2020.
  2. This. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding vigilante shootings if the angry mobs assaulting/threatening people continue. FOID card applications are already through the roof with people getting ready to protect themselves.
  3. How else did anyone think this was going to play out? A lawless area with out police where the community does the policing...a small sample size of what the country would look like if we got rid of the police, as some extremists are calling for. The Seattle Mayor may as well step down after such an egregious lapse in judgement letting this go on for as long as it did.
  4. I'll agree that part was poorly worded. I don't think the at risk need to completely shelter in place, but I do think the at risk population needs to take extra precautions. I'm mostly for re-opening so small businesses do not continue to struggle, but everyone will need to exercise some caution to a degree, which I think we have (for the most part) been doing a good job of already through social distancing measures. I just think we can get back to a somewhat normal now that a lot of the population is in a habit of knowing when and how to social distance themselves in certain settings.
  5. Re-open everything almost completely - shelter in place if you are elderly or at risk. Otherwise it's time to let people get back to semi-normal.
  6. I don't think China owes the world an apology for what has happened, but this is 100% on them. Stopping the practice of unsanitary food conditions and having some regulation in their food markets would be a good start in curbing some of the viral outbreaks they ultimately cause.
  7. I'd have to guess so with the older demographic that goes there, it could end up spawning Covid-20. Our toilets would really be in trouble then.
  8. It was a good run for Sanders, but time to bow out. Socialism is not the way forward in America and never will be.
  9. Where did you sleep last night...always been one of my favorites. ' Lake of fire and the man who sold the world are also amazing. This album and Chris Cornell's live acoustic stuff is some of the best music out there in my opinion .
  10. Why would they need math? Everything is free in Sandersland, remember...
  11. Stopping Bernie is the best chance the democrats have in this election. Trump will win in a landslide if Biden isn't the nominee.
  12. I definitely get it - these things are forgettable at the end of the day. If I'm an undecided voter though, nights like last night are not really helping anyone's cause to gain ground in a race.
  13. They are all horrible too, but it's not like the group last night is raising the bar at all compared to them. Constant bickering, you hate to see it.
  14. This is the best group of talent the democrats could come up with after 4 years? Last night was a complete mess. None of these dimwits have a chance in November.
  15. I don't hate Bernie as a person, I just hate that he is a commie.
  16. Why should we care about Mexico or who their president is for that matter?
  17. "Boycott" More like sit at home and pout about things not going your way. That, or she couldn't get out of her bartending shift that night.
  18. Let's be honest, we all know isn't true. Twitter and social media in general would of had a field day if this came out from a Fox News reporter. Again, I think it was accident as you mention, but just given the state of the world today it would have been a MUCH different trending story if this was a slip up from a conservative outlet.
  19. I think it's pretty clear she drops the hard R here, by accident I'm sure, but you I don't see how you go from Lakers to......that. If she wasn't a liberal, she'd be a racist.
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