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  1. This is what you predicted about Murray earlier in this thread before he played all 16 games last season. Oof terrible calls.
  2. Damn time to bail of this train if this guy thinks he's a good play., didnt really think he was a good play. just didnt have anyone else. btw, it would kill you to learn how much money i make at this game. No pics no proof. You have almost been dead wrong on every post I've seen of yours.
  3. Dont bs, manBe real. Im just getting back from the hospital and havent kept up w browns talk this morn U sure? Hmm start him over mason?
  4. Wow.....that's an amazing haul. For who? Could easily see this one going either way and if its a keeper/dynasty trade, I'm not super excited about taking on a guy that can't seem to keep his hands off a joint for 6 months at a time. The past is the past and I get that (so maybe that doesn't matter to keeper/dynasty traders). redraft.one of those trades that's probably good for both teams. i was weaker at WR and the team that traded gordon was pretty weak at RB. As a Gordon owner who's stacked at receiver I tried to do the same trade...even threw in Peterson but no dice. Redraft.
  5. I have Megatron, Sanders, and Marshall.... Is it worth giving up Gordon and Peterson for foster if my rb2 is weak? I really want a seat on the train....
  6. Damn time to bail of this train if this guy thinks he's a good play.,
  7. Dropped him for Ryan Matthews in standard before the gio missed practice happened. Good or bad move?
  8. This worries me as Seattle, although letting up 4th most FPPG to TE, were able to shut down Greg Olsen(also the teams #1 option). I'm debating Seferian Jenkins over Kelce in a possibke shootout.I wouldn't call it "shut down" Olsen just stayed in to block on the majority of the snaps that game
  9. I'll be starting him in my flex over Marshall or sanders first week back.
  10. And he plays that off as news? NEWS would be detailing the thinking of the Vikings IF he is reinstated. Reinstatement means nothing if the Vikings dont put him on the field. Speculating on what the Viking are thinking is news but announcing what the players union is going to do isnt? Lol that is big news as it puts pressure on the comish. I love reading these butt-blasted people's comments who either dropped or don't have Peterson rostered.
  11. Looks like you can add Ian Rapoport to the trolls who think time served should factor into the equation. The league will likely consider a combination of time served and loss of pay with regards to Adrian Peterson. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/531455716113272832 My Peterson boner just reached half mast.
  12. Not saying it was a good or bad fumble but you saw a defender glance across his elbow? We must have watched different games because I saw a defender use his helment to jar the ball loose.
  13. And you know this fact that how? Oh, you pulled it out of your ###.
  14. Since everyone's probably unfamiliar with your little backstory, The Stig mistakenly made a bunch of incorrect arguments about probability and statistics in a thread last year. After being shown repeatedly by many people (myself included) how wrong he was, he lost it, started deleting posts, whining in my inbox about how I "embarrassed him," etc. Apparently as a result he thinks all I do is troll and attack people. I'll let you reach your own conclusions.Cool story. You still carry yourself like an arrogant #####.
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