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  1. Guy has been an enigma since he was in HS. Had a weird recruitment too as I remember it with many of the big schools backing off pretty early in the cycle. Gotta be attitude and/or a failure to take care of the details b/c he seems like a guy who has the physical tools.
  2. Gotta be more to the CMike story and I haven't watched enough to pretend to know. Is he a horrible blocker, does he have poor vision, etc. Needless to say, he's a clear drop. CJP next week again, then CJP/Rawls for the playoff stretch. Happy I got what I got out of CMike. For where he was picked he gave great value for a handful of weeks. Far better than many of the backs picked in the first 5 rounds.
  3. Watching him play the past few weeks color me unimpressed. Seems to be lacking the explosiveness to get open and as the Owl mentioned, a lot of mouths to feed. Could be wrong, but I'm going to drop and move on. I have the luxury of a deep WR group, so it won't kill me if he defies odds once again, but I'm a seller here.
  4. Sherman is the 80th ranked CB in the league according the PFF, and giving up like 100 yards a game. Put him on Brown...would love to see Antonio light him up with a smile on all game. Guy is on another level right now.
  5. Jones must be a serious immature mental midget. After watching Barrett, it's clear why Urban so badly wanted Jones to win the job.
  6. Had he not gone to Maryland and instead went to a passing team like Baylor, he'd have been top 60 pick. Fast, quick and good route runner. Not sure what to think in redraft but you could do worse than having him at the end of your bench. Obvious dynasty value...
  7. Since Blount came back in standard scoring leagues: Blount - 26, 7, 22 Lewis - 12, 14, 3 As a Blount owner I'm looking at him as a boom/bust RB2 moving forward. Still not sure what to think about Lewis in standard. Coming off a few monster weeks, I'm trying to move him as I'm not interested in trying to figure out BB's backfield plans every week...
  8. Perine and Mixon are like....are like.... Well $h*t. We'll never find out b/c they'll never get more than 10 carries in a game.
  9. I don't think he scores on that in the form he was in last night. That said, if healthy, he makes a few of those DBs miss and ends up with 20-30 extra yards on the day. I think everyone is happy. Usage was crazy and he amassed yards while looking pretty sluggish still. Hard to knock any RB getting 25+ touches these days.
  10. Peterson, Charles, Bell, and maybe Forte. That's it. We have Freeman and Ivory running well right now. And Ingram. I doubt they all keep it up, but for the sake of argument, let's call them RB1's. There is nobody else that you'd want over Foster going forward. That makes him RB#8. And I'd take him before anyone except Peterson, Charles, and Bell. Such a wasteland right now. I expect a few others to step into more consistent production as the year goes along, but it's not pretty...
  11. He didn't go from running a 4.55 to running a 4.85 over a groin surgery and an off season. He'll get it back in over the next 2-3 weeks (assuming no set backs!). Even if he doesn't hit the Arian of last year, with that usage rate, he's no worse than a low end RB1. Just don't see 12 guys that I'd take over him on a weekly basis in the wasteland that fantasy RB has become.
  12. I'll take it. Usage rate high. Free of injury and 10 days to take the next step.
  13. The time to move Lewis has to be soon, no? I guess it depends on what you can get for him. You don't want to wait for the inevitable 2 carry, 4 catch, 20 yard game where the rest of your league looks at you and says "I don't want him, NE backfield is always a mess." Sell him while someone might still believe he's going to do it every game.
  14. 8.7 - drafted in mid-August. If he comes back by 6 and is RB2 worthy, I think I came out smelling like roses. I don't like the idea of brining him back this week, then trying to play him with 4 days rest. Let him come back on Thursday at home, then he has an extra long recovery period before game 2. Seems like the reasonable bet.
  15. I had to move Foster off of an IR spot this week as he's Q right now. I tried to trade Crowell for some pretty bad players and got laughed at. Ended up dropping him. RB is such a mess you never want to drop someone getting 12+ touches a game, but I'm glad I'm no longer tempted to play him.
  16. His long TD he had a CB on him and a S over top. S was worried about deep sideline and once Julio broke to the middle, neither could keep up. He had a CB assigned to him man to man, and a S over top pretty much every play. No easy task when he's running the full arsenal of routes. Hard to jam, faster than you, gets in and out of breaks like a 5'11" 190 lbs WR. I'm sure he'll have his off-ish games and some teams have better personnel to matchup with him, but without teams playing him like a gunner on punts, there isn't much more you can do.
  17. PPR, he's a must start moving forward. I'd say the same in standard right this moment. That said, anyone assuming that what Lewis has been so far, is what he will be moving forward will be sorely disappointed some game...as all NE RB owners have been for the better part of the last decade. History tells us there will be games where Lewis will have a handful of touches. 13 touches, 70 yards and a TD is Lewis' floor? You all have gone crazy... Recency bias here...don't get caught up in the hype. If I owned, I'd be trying to sell high here as I'd not want to have Lewis come cold/windy weather as he'll put up some 2s and 3s in standard scoring, maybe worse.
  18. Lewis looks solid, but he'll have games where he has <5 touches. I look at them both as high ceiling, match up dependent flex options in standard scoring. Glad I don't have either. -scarred former Vereen and Ridley owner
  19. I think I read that over the past 3-4 years Blount trailed only Peterson in YAC. To say he's not a power back is a little silly. No clue what to expect. There will be weeks when the Lewis owners are happy, and weeks where the Blount owners rule the day. To says you're confident either way, with the history in NE, is a bit crazy.
  20. Until he's not. I smell a hammy coming on. Riding him in Draftkings hard this week - good start headed into sunday.
  21. Quick and good 3-4 step burst. Looked like he was on a pitch count too. Guys gonna be fine. He might not play up to the low RB1 he was drafted as, but Id feel ok about drafting him in 4 after what i saw last night.
  22. The two early drops seemed carry over from last week. He comes up with those, Bradford probably looks his way a little more. Im holding steady and continue to expect a solid WR2...
  23. Coleman is obviously getting first crack at this thing. The TD was a thing of beauty. That's the kind of target you love to see a WR getting and he converted.
  24. Very well could affect the running game and downfield passing game... ...which just means more dump offs, and short routes to Woodhead?
  25. I thought he looked solid, good burst, seemed to read things well. That said, he went down easy. Didn't take but a touch to the legs to bring him down. Still think he could have a nice year there with everyone tracking Julio.
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