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  1. It is very early, but any consideration (or fleeting thoughts) yet to moving one of your elites (Mahomes, Dak, Watson) and riding with Jalen?
  2. One QB leagues, i view him as a mid-second right now. Would only prefer him to Lindsay and Irv. The second would be a push depending where it lands.
  3. Assuming that you are not rebuilding, I would keep ARob. Guy balls out in worst situation and is a FA this year. It can't get worse. Respect Jeudy's game, but don't love the situation and he has to prove to me he can play at ARob's level in the pros. As a Singletary owner, I'm resigned to the fact that he is a satellite back and filler. Terrific little runner but doesn't score touchdowns and doesn't factor in the passing game. Severely caps his upside.
  4. Team A (back to back champ) gets David Johnson Team B (rebuilding) gets 1.12
  5. Funny. I prefer AB. He will definitely play again. We’ll see what happens.
  6. I agree Kirk side needs a piece but a mid-first is too rich
  7. Terrible idea in theory, and that’s even before we get to the fact that Monken is in Cleveland and not Atlanta.
  8. May be the best return so far, but I wouldn't call it value.
  9. Agree. People go nuts overvaluing TEs in FFPC. Time to stockpile.
  10. Leery of Fournette but I’d buy him for this without hesitation
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