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  1. It is very early, but any consideration (or fleeting thoughts) yet to moving one of your elites (Mahomes, Dak, Watson) and riding with Jalen?
  2. One QB leagues, i view him as a mid-second right now. Would only prefer him to Lindsay and Irv. The second would be a push depending where it lands.
  3. We're not allowed to talk about DJ's inefficiency or drops
  4. I’m not saying it happened. Was asking the question. As I said, I watched the game and have no idea how well Claypool was covered. As a Claypool owner, it was very painful that Ben literally never looked at his side of the field.
  5. The commentators made a big deal of the fact that the Titans chose to shadow Claypool with Butler. They said, it implied the Titans thought Claypool was Pitsburgh’s WR1, and went so far as to say Butler took him out of the game.
  6. Butler was shadowing him, but I have no idea if Claypool was getting open or not. Ben literally never looked his way. If you were in the stadium or have the all-22 please let us know what you saw/see.
  7. Assuming that you are not rebuilding, I would keep ARob. Guy balls out in worst situation and is a FA this year. It can't get worse. Respect Jeudy's game, but don't love the situation and he has to prove to me he can play at ARob's level in the pros. As a Singletary owner, I'm resigned to the fact that he is a satellite back and filler. Terrific little runner but doesn't score touchdowns and doesn't factor in the passing game. Severely caps his upside.
  8. Tells me there’s an opportunity they have been missing. All it takes is one or two for the dam to break when it comes to goal line work.
  9. Agree that Jamaal will get the work, but this is the Houston run defense. AJ will have the opportunity to get his.
  10. Depends on the options of course, but i could easily see 70 yards and a TD
  11. Regarding the sex assault investigation, note that the MDPD investigated and chose not to prosecute. It is a civil suit, not criminal. Not sure if the NFL weighs into civil matters.
  12. Looks extremely explosive on those pitches and screens inside the ten yard line. Obviously defenses will adjust, but so far they have had no answers for this guy on his limited touches. Kudos to the Steelers for scheming him well so far.
  13. Definition of a hold; noone is going to pay anything, and his owners who waited through a whole lot of nothing last year want to see what they have.
  14. Has been a dream of mine since reading the Bryson book. Have hiked quite a bit near the southern terminus. Hope I’m still able when I retire.
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