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  1. If Love was a 2nd round pick like Garropolo I'd think less of the potential and think he is high end trade bait. But Love is 21 years old so he can easily simmer for a couple of seasons and at 23 still have three left under his rookie deal.
  2. In a 16 team, start 2QB league I sold Hill for the 1.01 about a month ago. At the time another owner called the trade a panic sell. The owner buying Hill was certainly aware of the potential suspension (and as he is in the midst of a long term rebuild the potential for a suspension was considered a “good” problem). Obviously I’m very happy to now have Kyler Murray on my roster but for the sake of the other owner I hope Hill isn’t an Aaron Hernandez level bad guy. Doesn’t look good though.
  3. While not responsible for Hill directly, I think the Chiefs and NFL should sponsor in trust the care of his son going forward. Don’t let his mother or father have access to a dime. There is a strong likelihood that this boy and his unborn siblings now grow up in a low income and dysfunctional home. The boy shouldn’t suffer because someone cared enough about him to release the truth about his abuse from both parents (emotional and physical).
  4. He looked so much better. That said the line was awful and they didn't bother to run the ball again. Graham's two special plays for TDs saved everyone.
  5. Unless you have a more obvious option why not? Playing extremely well and has Brady who looked to him in the preseason also.
  6. Yeah, if Rawls were healthy there is no way he would have been inactive.
  7. This is very likely to happen. If only for how snake bit Michael and fantasy owners have been over the years. Can't argue he looks great though and if only the stars really do align. One can hope.
  8. I recently moved Steven Jackson for a 2014 first in a salary cap league. Love his situation in Atlanta but after winning the league last year I realized my team got hot to sneak into the playoffs and pull out a trophy, but isn't yet built to be a dynasty. With a championship in the pocket (and poor contending situation) it makes sense to collect and move on. In another league I am riding Jackson into the sunset as RB as I am built to challenge immediately.
  9. Just another reason to keep Russell Wilson in my keep 3 league. They look stocked for years of great fantasy play.
  10. Looks like now that the saints have put a second round tender on Ivory that he will stay a Saint for one more year. Will be interesting to see if they keep Thomas also.
  11. My view has evolved on this and think it should be changed only if the community, players and fans of the team agree and initiate the move...not politicians or a unilateral move by the owner. I understand the insensitive nature of the name and without the pride fans and former players have in the name, it alone should be changed. However it has a meaning of its own and that is the historic football team. Only when you pause to think about it does it make you think of how awful a name the original choice was. Pure ignorance. Still amazed the Bullets name was changed to the Wizards. Awful name.
  12. What are your thoughts on Fleener? Can't say he looks like a TE1 at all.
  13. Glad to see Cobb's value is being discussed today. I know his ceiling is higher because he has time to grow into more, but I really see a lot more Lance Moore in Randall Cobb than Percy Harvin. No a bad comparison because Moore was also a top 20 WR in 2012.Similar size, feisty, red zone target, top QB throwing him the ball. Cobb is definitely more valuable in PPR and how the Packers utilize him.Leagues that include return stats also skew his value so you have to be careful when listening to evaluations and rankings.
  14. Perhaps they can use the game tape from this start to show him his future in the league is to spend the offseason and convert to WR.
  15. Gruden said it best. He is most similar to Brett Favre.
  16. Just glad to see this thread no longer being about Andrew Luck. News flash...you can like RW without hating Luck (and vice versa).
  17. As a low-level QB1. He's a below-average fantasy QB who will have a big game here and there. Probably represents decent value in the middle of the draft. Maybe QB 10-11 range.He will be probabky be drafted in that range but I think his ceiling is so much higher than he gets respect for. Especially because of the freedom he has earned to call his shots in the offense. Cuffs are off.
  18. Exactly. This is why tiers are so much better tools at evaluating talent than rankings. I think we should be able to agree that Wilson, Luck and RG3 are all performing very well and there are 4 more games to go with all three in playoff races.Value of course is not the same as simply putting stats side by side. Popularity and pedigree will always influence perception.
  19. Pead is 10 for 58 yds right now...but these are all final roster cut talent on both sides of the ball. Forsett and Todman are blowing up also. Preseason finale.
  20. just wanted to add these thoughts about "why sign Flynn if he isn't planned to be the day one starter"... Seattle signed Flynn before the draft and you can't make FA decisions hoping that you will find a player in the draft to meet a need. It would be irresponsible to assume any QB outside of Luck and RG3 would be day one starters, so any team with a need at QB and not the 1st two picks in the draft had to make plans prior to the draft. Flynn is FA plan A Jackson is rostered incumbent plan B (who actually had nice days last year) Wilson is draft pick A competition (long term, but appears to be forcing himself into the short term)
  21. Fitzgerald is one of those guys that has more rankings value than actual value. Most have him as a top 7 overall player in dynasty rankings but I've not seen anyone able to get anywhere near that in actual trade value.Great point. Ive always thought it was odd when even FBG contributors contradict their own rankings in advising on trades. Case in point during last week's Audible they advised someone to hold Jonathan Stewart vs trading him for Jamaal Charles for what appeared to be a fairly good deal given their difference in ranking value.You see this also in how people treat players like Wes Welker in trade vs ranking.
  22. Agree also on Spiller. People are going to be shocked if they didn't pay attention at the end of last season. Looked just like he did in college.
  23. It woud be a good pick but wouldn't make up for passing on Adrian Peterson (but alot of people passed and have the same regret)... Washington is another...Landry wasn't a bad pick but not ADP.
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