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  1. I never knew he posted on here but I'm a big fan of Around The NFL podcast. I felt like I lived his cancer journey right along with him. Listening in, you could feel the joy once he overcame his first bought with cancer, got married and had a child. Then the devastation when the cancer came back. He attempted to do the podcast with the other guys during this last round of chemo but he sounded terribly weak and could usually only do one segment if any at all. Really, really sad to hear this news.
  2. Give this man his own thread already. How far up your board did his performance vs Texas push him today? 10 for 171 and 3 TDs and about 20 broken tackles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg79M8Ncv_8
  3. Is this guy done or could he come back? Hate to cut him and watch him blow up for someone else.
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