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  1. Your name is Zed? Zed's Dead Baby I go by The King's Justice in my guillotine league with an avatar of Ser Ilan Payne (from GOT) Feel free to steal. Executioners Axemen Ned Stark William Wallace
  2. Had Hunt but traded him away in a package with Chubb for CMC. I shoulda kept him!
  3. Just added him for free to a team with Watson, Mixon and Tyreek. I'm a piece of #### I know.
  4. If Mixon, Burrow and that offense in general stays healthy this year, we'll actually get to see what Mixon can do
  5. Take a breath man, it's only fantasy football
  6. He caught 18 passes in 6 games for a 11.7 average gain this past season that he was suspended the beginning of the season. I'm an OU fan and dude can catch and dude can ball and would've been the starter if Trey Sermon was still there. Don't love the landing spot but I took him late 2nd anyway.
  7. The only reason he's currently ranked above Malachi Nelson is the name
  8. Remember when he was having all that sex? I'm glad we finally forgave him for it
  9. Mahomes edge over Allen Hopkins about equal to Lamb in dynasty depending on your timeline Chubb >> an unknown 1st Team B all the way
  10. Watson didn't drug and then penetrate women against their will. The allegations are creepy but not in the same ball park. (once again, aside from the one allegation of forced oral sex)
  11. He wanted to convince someone to stroke his willy. He succeeded many times I'm sure and then he was on to his next adventure. But that's it. He was inappropriate but people are talking like he's a serial rapist and that just doesn't seem to be the case (not including the one-off forced BJ story, which is a serious allegation) as far as what we know right now. He may be suspended for a year but to think Deshaun Watson won't be let back in the league eventually is just silly. Even if he goes to jail for 3 years (I don't see that happening but we'll see) he'll still have the opportunity to come back. As. Long. As. He. Can. Win. Games.
  12. This front office has shown they have no clue what they're doing. Maybe they're just trying to ruin him?
  13. I never knew he posted on here but I'm a big fan of Around The NFL podcast. I felt like I lived his cancer journey right along with him. Listening in, you could feel the joy once he overcame his first bought with cancer, got married and had a child. Then the devastation when the cancer came back. He attempted to do the podcast with the other guys during this last round of chemo but he sounded terribly weak and could usually only do one segment if any at all. Really, really sad to hear this news.
  14. Shenault is on my taxi so he agreed to take NKeal instead I have an opportunity to acquire CMC but is the cost too high? Chubb could go to a new team next year so he and Hunt could both be RB1s. Thoughts? 12 team ppr 27 roster spots 1 qb qb Watson Cousins rb Chubb Hunt Mixon CEH JTaylor Moss DukeJ Gio Snell Dillon Wr Adams Evans Hill Hopkins Unicorn NKeal Shenault JJAW te Ertz Henry Gisecki Allie-Cox Njoku
  15. ugh same. what the hell is going on out there
  16. I'm sure I'm not alone in this being the first week I benched him haha
  17. Something tells me you're a Singletary owner
  18. Move all valuable veteran players for younger players + picks. You'll probably get more for them nearer the trade deadline but the trade off is that's longer they'll be on your team dragging you to more wins. Most on here are saying 2021 but I look more like 2 to 3 years away. Try to trade for young WRs that have flashed. WR have a longer shelf life so you can draft RBs to pair with them.
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