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  1. 3 hours ago, blend said:

    Well, he has a bye this week.  I doubt there'll be much info on his role vs. Farley's until middle of next week.

    Well derp! Yeah, I meant next week, lol. I have Farley, so I knew he was on a bye, LOL...duh...brain fart on my part.

  2. Bri, how do you see Byard's tackle opportunities going forward? Will they stay about the same...be minimized with the return of Cyprien and Wallace? I've loved having him as a part of my squad this year (13th highest scoring DB in my league), but something about him is giving me an uneasy feeling. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Robar said:

    I'll politely disagree. There's less than 3 PPG difference between the current LB3 and LB42 in our format and top DE's outscore top LB's significantly. If you owned say Ingram, Bosa, and Griffen right now, even though we start 11 IDP and 21 players, you'd be nearly unbeatable. The top two LB's average 16 and 15...there's 5 DE's over 19 PPG and Lawrence is at 24 PPG. Plus you can find LB's averaging over 11 PPG on waivers like bostic, Humber, and Ray ray...no chance you're finding a top 30 DE on waivers, they are hoarded like a doomsday prepper stashes MRE's.


    All depends on format. In my IDP league, LBs score more than DEs. Ingram is the highest scoring DE, and there are 17 LBs with higher totals.

  4. 3 hours ago, drewd_21 said:

    He's staying on my bench today fwiw

    He stayed on my bench, too. I started Milano since that LB spot has been money the last two years with Brown and Humber. I regret making that move, but I'm glad to see Davis having a good game...and I'm still currently projected to win, so that takes the sting out of it, too. Lol. 

  5. Has anyone heard whether or not he'll play tomorrow? He was limited in practice all week and is officially questionable. The latest I've seen is that he's "uncertain" to play. I need to make a decision between him and Milano in Buffalo, and I don't know that I'll be able to check after 10am central tomorrow. 

  6. On 9/13/2017 at 10:24 PM, Wooters said:

    Ahhhh....the classic blind follower of the previous weeks' stats.  Make sure to come back after week 2 and let us know if you still feel this way.

    I'm back and yep...still feel the same way. 

  7. 17 hours ago, Wooters said:

    Ahhhh....the classic blind follower of the previous weeks' stats.  Make sure to come back after week 2 and let us know if you still feel this way.

    Ahhhh...the classic gotta-be-an-jackhole-instead-of-engaging-in-a-discussion guy. Since he Titans were not on in my area, feel free to enlighten me as to why he's not a good player instead of being the forum jackwagon. 

  8. Sad thing is, I drafted this guy and was going to start him because Burfict is suspended (we start 11 IDP, 4 of them LB). But on Friday I decided to cut him and pick up Derron Lee...in part because LB has been a virtual empty blackhole on NYG. I felt better about DLee to start the season off. Lee had a great game, and I was happy. Then Goodson started having an epic game, and I sat with my head in my hand for much of the NYG-Dallas game. Lol...idiot. 


    Now I have zero chance of getting Goodson back because I have the 10th waiver pick. There's no way he gets outside of the top 3-4. 

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