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  1. I put raw points so that he can compare to his own scoring. I like your ideas of increasing points, but I'm not agreeing that all positions should score equal points or similar amounts. That gets to be way too much work for the long time commissioner(me). Our 7 starters make the IDP meaningful in volume alone. Wait for 1$ to fill your D players and you will find yourself at the bottom of the league at the end of the season.
  2. We also do 2 keepers at the original auction cost, so a FA pick up cannot be "kept". Every 3 years, we do a "reset" year with no keepers and usually a significant rule change to keep things fresh. This year was our 3rd reset and we added the SF rule with some slightly watered down QB stats. 1pt per 25 yards and -2 for turnovers along with 4pt per pass TD.
  3. Tackles and passes defended are 1 point, Sacks are 4 and turnovers are 5 points. So a pick 6 or a fumble recovery for a TD is a pretty nice 11 points! Strip, sack and fumble recovery TD's are king. The top 3 DL avg 110pts and it drops off significantly afterwards. Top 3 LB'ers avg 150, with a top 15 avg of 130 or so. This is the money position. Top 3 DB's avg 130 and all of top 20 in the 100's. I wish I had more leagues like this!
  4. Our league is SuperFlex with 1.5 PPR for TE, we have 2 flex spots with one of them being the SF spot. We also start 2 DL, 2LB, 2DB and one Defensive flex as well. There is also an extra W or L based on your weekly points ranking, top 6 get a W and bottom 6 get a L. All of this wrapped up in a 3-4 hr auction. We also have a 3 week points shootout for our playoffs, 4 out of 12 make the playoffs. It's not boring at all!
  5. I am going to roll with him in a few spots today over players like Claypool, Bernard and Myers as a second flex spot. Hoping for 15 points, GO SANDMAN!!!
  6. Well done! I would say yes and in this order .... 12 team PPR .... Adams 1st, Kelce 2nd, ? 3rd, Metcalf/Hunt 4th/5th, Allen/Diggs 6-9rnd and Robinson FA.
  7. No mention of S Diggs, the guy was gold from an ADP point of view. Probably not the MVP, but a well deserving honorable mention for him.
  8. Congrats! What did you end up doing with your RB2 spot? What was your final roster?
  9. Got 2 of 6 teams in the tournament and I'm pretty pumped about it! Good luck guys! I wonder why Scientist isn't here telling how great his teams were! 🤑
  10. Benching for J Meyers. I would like to see a connection between Parker and Tua, I have not seen that yet. I would argue that Grant seems to be more 'in sync" with the new QB. I'll be watching closely this weekend to see how this trend develops.
  11. I'm on the same boat, except I don't see this as him" throwing his game away". This also is based on the OP who is squarely on one side as he pegs MT as a top 5WR in his original question. I would love to chat with the other owners to clear things up and get a clear vision of what went down and not just the jaded side of the story. This is very possible once the dust and emotions settle.
  12. I wonder how many of the "yes" votes are commissioners? As a commissioner, I don't want to control the league or the other teams, I just manage it and I try to avoid issues like this. If there is no preset language in the rules about this, what is the commissioner to do? Overturn the trade after the fact? What happens to their matchup then? Switch the lineups around to what the rest of the league thought they should have played? These options seem a little wild just because they made a verbal agreement that amounted to very little. Talk about affecting a week!
  13. Circumstances affect the league weekly though. One guy's kid was sick and he missed setting his lineup on Sunday morning .... league affected. one of my leaguemates missed the auction due to an outbreak of Covid at the plant of which he manages .... league affected. I don't agree with your premise.
  14. If this was a redraft league, then as a commissioner, I say no. It's not collusion. Trading future picks and such gets a little messy, but my goodness, a trade is a trade in redraft. Some trades work out to awesome for certain teams and some teams end up being totally screwed from that trade that looked lopsided 2-3 weeks ago. Side conditions be damned.
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