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  1. I am guilty of buying the preseason hype. I have him as an RB5/6 in several leagues. It's a long season and lots can happen, but he sure has been a disappointment so far.
  2. I’m doing it over guys like Z Pascal, J Meyers, J Waddle and J Cook(TE premium). I’m banking on some good junk time easy passes, yardage and maybe even a touch. 🤞 15 points and I’ll be happy 😊
  3. He already has that 3rd down/hurry up offense role. He is bound to get 5-10 touches more this week due to Jacobs being out. Fire him up in the lineup is what I say! 50- 60 yards rushing, 40-60 receiving and a touch!
  4. He already has that 3rd down/hurry up offense role. He is bound to get 5-10 touches more this week due to Jacobs being out. Fire him up in the lineup is what I say! 50- 60 yards rushing, 40-60 receiving and a touch! ** edit, wrong thread! 🤣
  5. Antonio Brown as a top 20 WR Gio Bernard as a top 20 RB R Gage will outproduce K Pitts and will be 2nd on the team in PPR points.
  6. Why not the Falcons? It seems like a better fit than the Ravens and the Rams. No?! Anybody in that Saints division will want a piece of him. The info alone that he brings is priceless to a coaching staff.
  7. I took T Kelce 4 times with top 3 picks in the FFPC. I am concerned about this, although I’m hoping this anxiety subsides quickly after week 1! I went be with a “hard no” approach to Barkley, Kittle and Montgomery in all my leagues. I have Gio Bernard, Darrel Williams and J Gage in over 50% of my leagues. Bring on week 1!!
  8. it will be pretty shocking to me if he does not break the top 50 in PPR leagues. "Camp reports", which are pretty much all we have right now, they are really positive. Noted as the 2nd in targets in red zone drills and a constant star in the 3rd down role. I feel good that he has that role over Fournette and Jones. I really like Gio in round 12 as my RB 5/6, not much to loose there.
  9. I am a believer that he can be White and maybe better. Lots of action to be had in the 3rd down role.
  10. Maybe Patterson is actually the guy that will get the most second looks and not Gallman? I would also say that he is the most likely candidate to threaten the strength of Davis's game, which is catching the ball.
  11. Well dang, I hope they are not being fully honest and in a good way! The dreaded high ankle sprain is no friend of us FF players.
  12. Trevor Lawrence Gio Bernard Darrel Williams Z Ertz B Pringle A Lazard
  13. And nobody tips the commissioner for going out of his or her way to make everyone happy!
  14. I lost 2 league mates when I implemented this change about 4 years ago. The rest of the league loves it! Is it a different way of doing things, yes it is.
  15. No joke, mine would become unresponsive on every other pick. I fell behind and could not catchup with the picks. Never again for an auction. It's great for regular snake drafts though, no real complaints about that.
  16. What about Auctions Jo? I'm sorry, but it does not run very well for that. Constantly becomes unresponsive, I pulled the plug after an hour.
  17. All play. Top 6 in points get a W and bottom 6 get a L. My commissioner league does this every week on top of the weekly matchups. We will end with 28 "games" played in 14 weeks.
  18. He is my favorite round 12+ RB5/6 type. I might start him a few WR teams that I have drafted so far. I am buying the camp hype!
  19. Mine crashed about 25x during my auction last night, what a disappointment. I stopped using it after a while. The predictive nature(snake drafts) of the upcoming picks is also not very accurate and by not very I mean not at all accurate whatsoever.
  20. Andrews for me as well. Good luck! I am also in a 6hr slow right now, it is going a snails pace as we are 10 days in and we just started the 9th round this afternoon. A few weeks ago, Jeudy quite possibly would have been available in the 6th. How quickly the ADP changes in this tourney.
  21. and he was pretty decent last season in less than 4 games. 2TDS and 19 targets!
  22. I am grabbing Howard late everywhere I can, he's a great 2nd or 3rd TE. If he doesn't workout, then he will be an easy drop a few weeks into the season.
  23. You've made your views clear, for many of us however, we see an issue here. Some will miss lots of time due to being exposed or even positive and some won't due to being vaccinated and the serious decrease in health issues associated with this. Whether you agree or not, those are the facts here as per the NFL's rules. I know you want it to be apple to apple, but it just really isn't.
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