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  1. james robinson had something to prove last year as a UFDA and turned in an incredible season. i think that chip on his shoulder got even bigger once they drafted etienne. i don't think they can make em much hungrier than robinson this year. he's literally playing for his livelihood and with etienne shelved for a bit, if he turns in another season like last year, at some point he'll get paid those millions. who doesn't like millions?
  2. Josh Allen going for impossible trifecta by a QB today. Receiving TD, rushing TD, then a few passing TD's. LETS GET IT.
  3. MN's next four opponents are CHI, DAL, CAR, JAX. I would not be surprised at all if they're 7-5 and if they do win the next four you can probably bet a large part of that will be Dalvin Cook running wild on everyone.
  4. Leveon and Patrick Mahomes just started following each other on Twitter *today* 🧐 https://twitter.com/PatrickMahomes/following https://twitter.com/LeVeonBell/following
  5. His injury is that overall he is garbage lol
  6. They're trying their best to force him the ball but it sure looks to me like he either doesn't care or is completely unfocused during the game. Few more games like this and a few more losses I bet obj mentally checks out for the rest of the season.
  7. Hey Bloom! If Evans suits up should I play him or bench him for Scotty Miller?
  8. I'm still debating whether to sit Evans for Scotty Miller even if Evans suits up. What to do...
  9. 3rd documented concussion since 2017. once he gets a 4th concussion he enters very dangerous territory
  10. Though a few extra points on that final drive to run out the clock would have been nice, I'll take 25 points every single week. Imagine the horror if he was to get hurt on those last plays to ice the game?
  11. I grabbed both him and Duke Williams but I think I'm plugging the LIZARD KING in this weekend
  12. i had him last year and he did something similar on primetime. i only needed like 2 points from him and he got hurt the first drive of the game, exited, questionable to return, and never came back, not even to root his own team on from the sidelines. dude went home lol. he was dead to me from that point on.
  13. i have my doubts about a 2nd half push that helps any fantasy teams. in 4-8 weeks he will be physically able to take the field again with both knees having had recent surgery on. there can't possibly be a reality where he gets enough carries to matter down the stretch.
  14. Somewhere at the latter half of the first I'd pull the trigger. Definitely anywhere in the 2nd.
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