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  1. Have $100 left in cash in my account. Put in a limit order for 4 shares of BLDP at $25.
  2. Interesting that as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq drop, the Cryptos I hold are way up. If that inverse relationship becomes a long term trend, that would be great.
  3. I don't think the bike really can turn around as it's built, right?
  4. Speaking of small gains, haven't seen our favorite FishNBeer guy around in a while.
  5. I almost like LINK more because it's NOT in that fund, tbh.
  6. I like ARKF because it has less overlap in top holdings. Saw some commentary on that here today: Link Basically no Orange in that last graph.
  7. Yeah, it's funny. I was trying to explain it to my wife at lunch today and she's very smart and it was still a little iffy on whether she got it. Certainly a tough process to imagine and I can't explain all the technical details, although I do ok. As I said, I understand it well enough to feel safe investing but not well enough to explain to other people in great technical detail. Of course, that's true of a number of tech and biotech stocks I own, so...
  8. Man, @BassNBrewreally fell off the wagon, huh?
  9. "I cannot divulge details of ongoing operations, Mr. Senator"
  10. That can be a fair observation. There are certainly some adamant cheerleaders. I'm mostly surprised that people who understand "investing" and have a place in their portfolio for a speculative hedge investment (and certainly not everyone has that bucket) wouldn't put some of it in crypto. Let's say you have a $1 million in your portfolio and you allocation 10% of that to speculative stocks. So right now you're spending that $10,000 on SPACs and Pink Sheet Biotechs that Chet from the internet recommended. Doesn't it make sense to put $2-3k of that money into crypto related investments? Even if
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