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  1. I think Bill Gates is stealing the signal with the chip he put in there...
  2. It's also funny to be in a similar situation as this one as a Sabres fan regarding Taylor Hall. He really sucked here on a bad team with bad coaching. I don't think he's that good anymore. So I hope to be "vindicated" by him not doing much with the Bruins. But I'm not actively rooting against him. Maybe he'll light it up. Of course that makes the 2nd round pick the Sabres receive worse. Pretty similar situation actually.
  3. To be fair, I'm not worth the time about much.
  4. I think it's interesting when people cannot disclose their biases. Just trying to help that in this thread. FTR, I'm a Bills fan foremost and a Penn State alum. So I like that the Jets have sucked recently and I like that Darnold looked bad because it helps take heat off the Giants for the Barkley pick at 2. Now I also live in Charlotte so it would be nice to see him succeed with the Panthers, although I've always been rooting for Teddy.
  5. CLT is not any better. House a block away had 54 showings over a weekend with almost that many offers. Went for way over list. Made us decide to spend money to re-do a lot of our house instead of moving. It's just not worth the hassle on the front end even with the benefit on the back end from selling.
  6. I just want you to admit that you WANT him to have a bad career with the Panthers. Similar to how most Georgia fans WANTED Fields to have a bad career at Ohio State. It's OK to admit that and it lets other readers of this thread understand your POV.
  7. I think you misunderstood my post. It was that most people know that he was terrible last year. I was agreeing with you.
  8. Oh sure. But most smart NFL observers know this and feel the same way you do, including me. So why is every other post in here a Jets fan ripping Darnold? It’s odd. Sort of like the Macbeth line about protesting too much. interested to see how he does in a better organization. Likely to still fail but you never know.
  9. Lol at the Jets fans in this thread. You guys are DESPERATE for Darnold to fail.
  10. I don't think 'ol BuyNSell works that way...
  11. Good points. I have both BTC and PLTR so I see lots of articles on those. Most are positive and self affirming but there are some negative ones as well that do help me challenge my convictions. Even some of the well written positive ones can make me think more. I really like Lyn Alden's stuff. Anyway, it has certainly gotten more cheerleader-ish, as you mention.
  12. I still like SA Maybe not as refreshing as in the past but still some pretty good articles and research
  13. Yikes. So going to Iowa and spending money on old, fragile things?
  14. Interesting article on Morningstar for the ARKK folks: Linky
  15. Trying to work in to the Spring Break talk?
  16. Yeah, we got a place with a heated pool just in case.
  17. Also added some GSK and MPW today to get some more yield in my portfolio.
  18. Yeah, I would have rather gone there some time other than Spring Break.
  19. That's where I wanted to go for Spring Break but I was outvoted and we're going to Destin.
  20. That doesn't sound like much of a vacation
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