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  1. It's fine if your channels are all on YTTV, although it is a little slower than changing them via cable. What is annoying with cutting the cord is a Saturday afternoon when you're trying to surf between an EPL game on the Peacock app, a CFB game on the ESPN+ app and another CFB game on YTTV. Switching apps is annoying as hell. Wish there was a better way to do it.
  2. Right. Seems like a waste of resources to a degree. But maybe that relationship is worth it for a smaller firm? Maybe the younger folks ask a lot fewer questions until they get into their 40s so it's worth collecting a wrap fee on a small AUM for little extra work?
  3. I saw an article on Kiplinger's that younger people are moving more toward Financial/wealth advisors, which surprised me. Of course most of them won't have the AUM to interest the big boys for awhile, so maybe smaller firms reel them in younger and keep them as their assets grow.
  4. As stated earlier, Collingsworth owns a big chunk of PFF. PFF has totally crapped on Allen. So Allen looking good makes PFF look bad and makes Collingsworth biased against Allen. I feel like someone has pointed out some other cases like this in the past (players that PFF "hated" that Collingsworth seemed overly negative about)?
  5. Oh yeah. Lots of sites on my CFB bucket list. Did Bama back in 2010 when PSU played there. It was awesome. Excited to see Auburn, although I'm hoping to go next season for the PSU game as well. Still on the list: LSU at night Ole Miss Florida Georgia Clemson
  6. Going to miss the Iowa game because some neighbors with girls at Auburn are taking us down to the Auburn - Georgia game. Can't really complain too much but was hoping for the night game in Auburn. I'll be checking my phone a lot and hopefully cheering at some inappropriate times in the game I am attending.
  7. Looks like he's TAPing it, in and out, to me. Makes sense for a congressman.
  8. Lake Wylie is in SC you know. Lower taxes.
  9. That's funny because that is exactly my demographic but I have always been really, really good at not panic selling. Heck, I made some good money buying beaten down stocks during the Great Recession and the Covid decline.
  10. Yeah, I thought he looked like he could be an above average NFL QB. Can't complain about that if you're a Panthers fan. I was actually upset on Draft night when they passed on Fields. Might turn out to be for the better.
  11. Just redacted some of my posts that Joe missed. Get better soon Joe.
  12. Honestly, in the case of Parsons and Gross-Matos I think I was correct. The allegations have gone nowhere and it was overblown by Humphries and his lawyer. That's what some people I trust said.
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