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  1. 12 team PPR 2 keeper league..whoever you decide to keep you lose that rd in which the player was drafted...here are my top 3 A. Gibson 8th rd C. Akers 3rd rd Metcalf 7th rd obviously, metcalf in the 7th would be a no brainer...but am i wrong in thinking to keep both rbs and drafting metcalf in the 1st rd? I have the 5th pick but the top 3 guys ahead of me have 1st rd keepers...what are everyones thoughts on who i should keep next year? i also have godwin in the 9th tee higgins in the 16th mclaurin in the 2nd that i could use
  2. so w/ godwin not practicing to i chance it and keep him in or put kupp in to play it safe...UGH!!!
  3. losing gibson this week was a big F YOU to my line up...hoping akers comes thru cuz we all know sanders is horrible!!!
  4. PPR League and of course I get the guy whose team either goes 90 pts or 200 pts...I'm gonna list my team and who I have starting and just looking for some over all line up help... QBs..Tannehill @ JAX Goff vs NE RBs..Robinson vs TENN Akers vs NE Sanders vs NO Gibson @ SF (hurt) Harris @LAR WRs...Metcalf vs NYJ Godwin vs MIN Kupp vs NE Mclaurin @ SF Higgins vs DAL (and have waiver in for koutee @ CHI) TE...Goedert vs NO Hooper vs BAL DEF...NO vs Phil 49ers vs WAS K...Butker @ MIA Sanders vs KC Starters as of now... QB...Tann
  5. PPR League need a starting QB this week
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