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  1. Hunny, that was a joke. LOL.

  2. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!I am praying for a Malcolm & Brenda alliance. They are both some of the best players in a LONG time.
  3. I was on timeout, but i'm back now.
  4. I'm Canadian I don't have a gun.Literally and metaphorically.
  5. I'm getting really tired of these ####### timeouts. Can people not take a joke?
  6. Have you ever been to Mandalay Bay Burger Bar in Las Vegas? It's legit. Going for a bachelor party in July. You should join. Bring your own singles for the shake joints though.:(I've never been to Vegas. I want to go so bad, when I was with my boyfriend he REFUSED to go, I even offered to pay but nope. Now I am free to do what I want but have no one who would want to go with me. It sucks :(
  7. Yes, I feel like tough as ####. I should have gotten a tattoo while I was away.Yes burger please.
  8. I am super into Madden still but thinking about jumping into Need for speed most wanted and I have Uncharted 2&3 that havent been opened. I have just been too into my sports games, Madden, NHL & Tiger.
  9. Admit it... You're a fan of the pickle.... You love when it squirts into your mouth.I SAID SOMETIMES. Not suirting ones either. Nicely SLICED ones.
  10. why can't i send you a message

  11. Why do you guys watch this? I don't even and i'm a girl.
  12. Oh I get it now.. No thanks. I'd prefer not to squeeze one of those out.

  13. But the booze....what about the booze?Open bar for 12 hours; wings, burgers (of course), and poutine, for dinnerYou know me so well!
  14. Of course everyone here is invited. The reception will have tv's on espn and air hockey/foosball tables.
  15. No he didn't. We are still happily engaged.
  16. Nope! Just on a Vacation. You guys can't get rid of me that easy.
  17. Amburger thread revival. What up guys!
  18. I play a lot of Madden 13 and I just got NHL13 for christmas, on PS3, anyone have it wanna play me?
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