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  1. 26.24 Lions select Derrick Strait, DB, NYJ nickel back 26.29 Titans selectChukky Okobi, G/C, PIT O=line depth
  2. 23.09 Lions take Dexter Jackson, FS, TB with dexter playing centerfield, bob sanders will be free to wreak havoc.
  3. 21.09 Jason Campbell, QB, WAS Will compete with Brooks for the job in camp.
  4. 21.03 Titans take Arnaz Battle, WR, SF Between him, bradley, and ward, we have 3 WRs who are physical and love to block/play ST (at least hines did back in the day) and we can run trick plays galore as all 3 were Qbs at some point in their careers. FUN!
  5. 20.24 Lions select Victor Hobson, LB, NYJ to round out the 3 in our 4-3.
  6. 20.29 Titans select Alex Stepanovich, C, ARI sorry about the typo lions pick coming
  7. here to make picks. need to see who was taken lately and catch up.
  8. ill be picking for OZ, but i am in meetings until 3 central, fyi
  9. That shouldn't have surprised me. Palmer's the ultimate Tar Heel homer.. Dude, did you see that one handed grab Curry had in the back of the end zone? He's a sick athlete (won the McDonald's All-American Game Dunk Contest, top recruit from his state in football and basketball, nice QB in college, and sick NFL athlete). In his limited time at WR in the NFL, he has shown very raw playmaking ability. He doesn't drop passes (EVER) and can make the big play. His biggest knock at this point is that he's a bit raw on his route running, but that's sure to change with Issac Bruce tutoring him and another year under his belt. Curry is a shorter Matt Jones and a huge threat in the red zone. He's better than Doug Gabriel, and a better red zone threat than Porter. If Curry stays healthy this year, he's gonna put up some big numbers. Im a huge Curry fan, but I cant imagine him being anything but a shadow of himself after suffering a second achilles tear.
  10. now the draft gets fun, kids.pick 25.03 Lions take #66, That Fat Turd Backup Tackle (the one that went to a Big Ten school, i think Wisconsin), Texans
  11. 19.09 Detroit Lions take Corey Webster, CB, NYG Feel very lucky to get a CB of his quality this late.
  12. 19.03 Titans select Brian Young, DT, Saints Very solid DT completes our Front 4. Would have gone Sirmon here if he had fell, nice pick.
  13. 18.30 Tennessee Titans select Brandon Stokley, WR I have a feeling he'll do some serious damage in the slot in our WCO.
  14. If you're team is about ball control, this is about the worst pick you could have made. Asking him to touch the ball is too much with that philosophy. Let's just say we'll be instituting the "Kordell" offense. I like the added dimension his running gives us, and he's got more years left than the "game manager" types. we'll draft one to compete with him in training camp.
  15. Was down to him or Brooks here, you made that choice easy.
  16. 18.24 Detroit Lions select Aaron Brooks, QB He's not great, but he's not bad, and better than we were expecting. This team is all about ball control, and Brooks should be solid since we won't be asking him to do too much.
  17. I have been lobbying for this guy for about 5 rounds now, so please assail me, not OZ, if you dont like the pick. Personally, i think he's going to be a very very good road grader type at RT.
  18. 10.24 Lions take Jeno James, G, MIA keep that power running attack going.
  19. 9.03 - Titans take Gary Baxter, CB, Cleveland His physical style should compliment the speedster Hall on the other side perfectly. With two quality CBs and Barnett/Smith roaming sideline to sideline to make plays, Im liking how the Titans D is shaping up.
  20. 8.30- Titans take Daryl Smith, LB, Jacksonville Yeah, Barnett + Smith.
  21. CENTER RUN!! There are 7 or 8 Centers left that I like, but only one or two of them can anchor a running game like Wiegmann. I was actually leaning towards younger center who is not quite the mauler than Wiegmann is, but OZ deftly steered us back to the blueprint for this team - a vicious defense and a ballcontrol offense.
  22. 8.24 Lions take Casey Wiegmann, C, KC On the old side, but will lay the foundation in the middle for our power running game.
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