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  1. Did you see her on TV today with Chris Wallace? Might want to leave it at brilliant.
  2. The chain grocery stores left Detroit decades ago due to the inability to turn profit, theft, violence. The the Arab grocers moved in and are still there. Picture an old grocery store from the 70s with bars around the front door so the carts can`t get stolen. No updates. food prices 20-30% higher than a Kroger and lower quality. That is all that is left in parts of Detroit. Kroger opened a new one a few years ago and closed it already. Meijer is on the outskirts on 8 Mile. Whole Foods opened in Mid-Town by the stadium district but all white people live there now.
  3. If the Times ran this he is toast.
  4. Very true. Nike was dealing with a loyal but aging demographic. The Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods age groups are between 44-60. They needed a shot in the arm and Kappy came along at the right time. Kappy is no spring chicken but the timing was perfect. Make no mistake Nike is "woke" but in business marketing sense.
  5. There are Mr. Chickens around Metro-Detroit. Wonder if they plan on changing the name?
  6. Well I guess if you have to choose a partner to dance with would it be our next door neighbor Canada or an unstable Middle Eastern Country? Biden just said last week that Canada is our closest ally.
  7. Genesis GV-80 that starts around 80K..Tiger would not be seen driving your basic run of the mill Hyundai.
  8. What we need is a pragmatic POTUS. If Biden came in and just did 2 things. 1. Keep the pipelines open and people employed and keep us less dependant on ME oil. Keep sources of domestic oil. 2. At the same time goes full forward with developing Greener energy , electric, battery powered sources until we are able to fully ween off of any outside oil. We should keep and develop our own oil sources as part of National Security as well. And be a leader in developing other energy sources. Both could have been done. Then hopefully in the next decade every year the balance s
  9. Joe Biden: June 22, 2019 · Trump’s erratic, impulsive actions are the last thing we need as Commander-in-Chief. No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences. We don’t need another war in the Middle East, but Trump’s actions toward Iran only make that more likely.
  10. When I worked for Ford I went to SA for 4 days. This was in the late 90s. It is a very bizarre place in terms the people and dealers I met were just like us...but below the surface. In the streets and places of business they keep up the moral charade as they have to. When we went to one of their homes after everone was in and secure the booze came out and it was just like any gathering here. They are very careful but what i found out the people who are higher on the totem pole can do just about whatever they want without fear. They can get alcohol or whatever. Not in public
  11. Search Travondo Wallets on Amazon. Thank me later.
  12. Stellantis just merged FCA in January and they are based in Amsterdam. So there probably won`t be any changes for at least 2 years as the comapny is reorganizing and 2022 product is already in development. Talked to a marketing guy yesterday and he heard no name change is in the works or even being discussed at this time and it could take years. Another solution he said is that Jeep sells 250K Cherokees a year in the USA alone. So if they donated 50 dollars per vehicle sale that would be a $12,500,000 donation to help people who are in desperate need. Turn it into a win..win for both.
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