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  1. I have been a solid 12 on a good day, 15-16 on a bad day handicaper. Usuallyright around the mid 80 level and I never practice other than hit a few balls before a round. Problem is I play with a bunch of guys that are from 1-7 handicaps who all hit big drives with draw. My drives are mostly straight but I will cut it on a tight hole. If I draw my drives it is by accident. 2 years ago I decided to put more time in and take lessons and the pro worked on my drawing my drives. No joke..the first time I teed it up in my league trying to use my new draw stance I swung and whiffed. I
  2. I agree. Joe is like the interim manager or coach on a sports team. Keep the seat warm for the next person. Probably should do all the pressers first thing in the morning when he is fresh as most of his blunders seem later in the day when he looks tired and get confused.
  3. In the present North Africa is associated with West Asia. Asia as a whole is divided into 6 regions that also include Africa and the Middle East. Russia is considered part of North Asia. So maybe the term Asian is totally wrong.
  4. tt is intersting how terms evolve in the USA. When I worked at Ford I traveled to Japan and China many times. The people there used the term "Oriental" all the time and many refer to themselves as Oriental and the elders still do. Yet in the late 60s in the USA 2 students teamed up with professors at Cal-Berkely and decided this was an incorrect term and Asians should be the new term. Then deemed Oriental offensive and racist when it is neither. Oriental means from East Asia that is China, Japan, Mongolia, South and North Korea, and Taiwan. The actual people of that society from that
  5. It seems he choose some high energy guys like Duce and Glenn. Mixed it with Capers and Lynn. Looks good on paper. I really like Campbells energy but in the NFL not sure if that will wear thin if the team is not winning. Without a doubt he is so different than Caldwell and Patricia in terms of openess and that in itself is refreshing. I really hope it works. It seems he will be a players coach if they are on board so that is good.
  6. I was an intern for the Detroit Tigers one summer. On some night games I was there from 9am until the game was over. I got to hang out and drink beer with some of the players, went to a bunch of great events put on by radio stations. All my friends said what a great job I had. I agreed expect for one small thing...I did not get paid anything!!
  7. If a student is helping a professor that might be considered part of their education and learning process. Unless you are a walk-on athlete paying your own way players on a full ride are being compensated for playing a sport. At University of Michigan out of state fees are pushing 45-50K a year. So 4 years is worth around 200K, and many get a redshirt and are able to get 5 years and start Master degree classes. So they can come out far ahead of the average student with zero debt as well. As far as in interns go they should get something. The very least they should be pai
  8. There is about a trillion in pork in the COVID-Relief bill. Would much rather see that go to some sort of reparation package than to gender studies in Pakistan
  9. Hard to believe but I am going to have to give you a like on this one. My ancestors did not set foot until the 1930s
  10. Used club market is hot right now. What are you getting? I sold my Calloway Razr Irons in 1 day last summer. Put them on Marketplace and left the house. When I checked my phone I already had 8 offers. Probably should have asked for more. Good thing is it was a guy around 25 who was just atarting to golf. I have a bunch of clubs in my garage..he ended up buying an older TaylorMade driver and 3 wood and a Ping putter too.
  11. 3 of the couples we hang out with the guys all golf, the women don`t. So it works out perfect. Plus my one buddy has a place outside of Traverse City on a lake. So the girls just hit wineries or sit out by the water all day and have a good time. They never complain when we tee off at 8am and come home at 4-5pm half loaded as they are having just as good of a time as us.
  12. Took my daughters and their friends to a Swift concert at Ford Field in Detroit years ago. Really did not care too much about the concert as I was just driving them all. About halfway through I was really enjoying it and the energy the crowd brought. Been a fan ever since.
  13. I agree..I take their opinion the same way I do with my BIL`s or the lady who cuts my hair. I am not the one who said HW should not have an opinion on politics.
  14. This summer my wife and I decided we are going to 3-4 golf weekends in Northern MI. so many great course there. We are going with our good friends. My buddy and I will golf while the girls shop and drink wine. Booked the first weekend to play Arcadia Bluffs one day. Next day we are playing Crystal Mountain Resort Course. Have heard so many great things about Arcadia Bluffs. Golf is booming and it was difficult getting a weekend tee time in June already up north.
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