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  1. Breshad ... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1JSuF6HCqko
  2. 32 Team. Full IDP Gave: Martavis Bryant, PIT WR (5 yr) Got: Pick 1.12 (7 yrs)
  3. I am not a big fan of either ... but in this format I would prefer Matthews on this deal.
  4. 16 Team Full IDP Gave: 1.11 Got: 2017 1st rd pick & 2017 3rd rd pick
  5. From what Caldwell said in his presser he had the right people in the right places on the field at thetime. Wouldn't do it differently.Then he should be fired.Said they made the play and DET didn't. Typical response. To answer [icon]. it's because dumb#### expected them to run the jailbreak lateral play for the second time in a row. Calvin plays on the Hail Mary, they have a personnel package for jailbreak. @BroncoFreak_2K3 - exactly, right? Two guys on the 40 doing nothing made it 11 on 9. Six guys in the end zone all 4-7 yards beyond the GL, NONE of them over 6'2". Tallest guy on that e
  6. I love this kids game. If he truly has his head on straight moving forward ... watch out!
  7. With you, but not as much lost. Started him over D. Adams this week. One of the problems with him is the fact that, when the Steelers are completely healthy, he loses snaps since he does not play in the hurry up offense.
  8. Hmmm. Way to early to say that IMO. Unless you want to say a really poor man's Green. So far he's accomplished less in 7 games than Stephen Hill did. Ummm, I "see him as that" in my scouting him for dynasty. Not proclaiming he has become that due to one catch.
  9. I see his length and speed as a poor man's A.J. Green. That's pretty darn good.
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