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  1. Jags are a mess. Still. They should have have used their money to get some O-line help instead of Ivory. Then Yeldon would be doing well, Bortles wouldn't be under constant duress and they'd likely be 2-1. It isn't sexy, but the game is won and lost in the trenches.
  2. He hasn't really done anything. I know it's early, but maybe these injuries have taken their toll.
  3. I have numerous shares in dynasty. Love the talent and fact that he runs across from Hopkins. I am, however, very concerned that his QB has no ability to throw the deep ball. I really hope this doesn't turn into a 3 year wait for him to see his actual potential.
  4. And Von Miller And, Melvin Ingram did pretty well last year. People just need to realize that tackle heavy format makes a great RushLB a low end LB2. And a good RushLB a LB3/4. If your format is deep enough, then they definitely have significant value.
  5. I gotta admit I am ignorant to the CBA and how this all will work now that they changed it a couple years ago, but how could he test "positive" again (under the rules re diluted samples) and not be suspended again? Does Schefter's tweet mean they reinstate him, just to suspend him again? Honestly, I am really confused on how he is not suspended "at all" if he tested "positive" under the leagues rules/policies given his multiple "positive" tests in the past and the ratcheting up of penalties per the league rules. Does anyone know how this interplay works regarding this latest report?
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