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  1. Do we really think he’s starting? No practice all week and what seemed to be a high ankle sprain.....if I have another rb that starts Saturday I think I’m going to roll with them.
  2. Just picked him up. Think I’m starting him over Wilson. Gotta go with the bell cow here
  3. I’m done with Connor. He hasnt done anything since the first qtr of the season. Even if he plays he’s banged up and doesn’t get the goal line carries. I have more confidence starting Jeff Wilson with mostert playing over Connor in the semi-finals
  4. I want to bench him this week for someone like Phil rivers, but this could be a good comeback game for him. I doubt they rely on the non existing running game this week
  5. Stuck between goedart and tonyan. I want to start goedart but just looking back jalen hurts targeted a tight end only once last week and it was ertz. That scares me a lot
  6. Just for a football point off view I wonder if Steelers will treat this at a preseason game and mostly play back ups......or as usual underplay their easy opponents and make it a close game for no reason
  7. In a must win week for me I’m benching Big Ben for rivers. And snell for gio
  8. If the game is still even played this week we have to hope snell is not out for being in close contact with Connor
  9. When you’re up by 20 with Melvin Gordon playing, but your opponent has Connor 😔😔
  10. Hey bloom. 1pt ppr....need 1 rb gurley (CJ Anderson if gurley is out) or jamaal williams? thanks
  11. Hey bloom. Min a 6pt td qb league, would you bench Aaron Rodgers for Andrew luck (and if ty hilton is out)?
  12. Even while limping defenders could barely catch him. He got in a limited practice yesterday, Watkins is out again, and he’s brought me this far into the playoffs by doing his job most of the season.....:I’m only benching him if he doesn’t play
  13. If hill doesn’t get a full practice this week but is active are y’all starting him?
  14. Can’t believe they didn’t reverse that fumble
  15. Gotta say titans have to be the most bipolar team I’ve seen in a very long time
  16. Mike McCarthy please get fired by the 4th qtr
  17. Is he playing or is he out with an injury? Not watching just looking for updates
  18. Keeping my fingers crossed that that first packers touchdown gets corrected into a passing touchdown
  19. Edelman a non factor now after that dropped pass?
  20. 1pt ppr Is Derrick Henry worth dropping in a redraft short bench league
  21. What’s up bloom....which tightens should I start in 1pt ppr: Jared cook, ebron, or ASJ? thanks
  22. Last yr cooper just couldn’t catch the ball. Even Carr lost trust for him in the end zone as the season went on. With that one game cooper went off last year he still only caught like 12 of his 25 targets. And if I remember, Carr only targeted Crabtree in the endzone about 4 plays in a row for the game winning td. Monday’s game looks like cooper is not over his hand issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson and Cook become the big beneficiaries of the offense
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