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  1. If a player hit Brady the way they were allowed to hit Cam Goodell would have had the player assassinated.
  2. There is some recently biases with Gase. Yes he was terrible but he had a 10 win season and made playoffs. Gus Bradley won 14 games in 4 years for the Jags. Hue Jackson won 3 games in 2.5 years in Cle. Several of the HC hires this year have been head scratchers. I still think I'd prefer Meyer to Campbell or Culley
  3. Pretty sure its a thing. It was a big deal when the Ravens had to open in Denver after their SB because they share a parking lot with the Orioles and the O's wouldn't move their game.
  4. The bad contract is almost meaningless. It's not like they will be signing big FAs this year or next anyway. This is a team eating a bad contract today to get picks for the team they are building toward 2 years from now.
  5. Yeah its basically the Browns Osweiler trade but higher picks because Stafford is involved. Lions eat the bad contract because they aren't trying to win now anyway
  6. Not sure how you see that. Lions are in full rebuild and Stafford wasn't part of that plan. Moving him for 2 1sts is a terrific return.
  7. Not sure who you watched this year but he certainly looked special to me. He doesn't have breakaway speed but he turned so many negative plays into good runs in a terrible offense. 3rd in yards after contact only behind Cook and Henry.
  8. This is just how Rotoworld has been this year. They are obviously trying to add humor and be edgier. I personally am not a fan, and it has led to me using them less as a resource.
  9. I think its also worth pointing out, 5 of his last 6 games have been against stout run defenses. Bal Pit Phi and Was x 2. Pretty rough stretch. The other game, Min, he had a good game.
  10. It will still be a hard situation to fully trust but I believe the timeshare earlier this year was a result of Akers struggling to learn the offense and then getting hurt. McVay had some comment a few weeks ago about Akers needing to improve when "the ball isn't in his hands". Now that he seems to be healthy and up to speed on pass blocking or whatever else McVay was referring to, it might be his show.
  11. When I think of Henderson, I think about how he couldn't get on the field last year when Gurley looked washed. They also spent a high pick on Akers this year. I just don't think he is their long term plan for the position. There is something he isn't doing enough of for the Rams.
  12. Or maybe the reason the backfield was split all year was because they were waiting for Akers to get up to speed and deal with injuries. It has never felt like they wanted Henderson to be the guy.
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