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  1. The owners probably want Snyder to sell because they think it will make the issue go away. They don't want to force him to sell because they don't want to create a precedent where in the future they may be forced to sell.
  2. I don't think Bolden's role expanding changes anything for Harris. Harris was always the rushing downs guy and White was the passing downs guy. Now Bolden is going to be the passing downs guy. Taylor and Stevenson had their chance to take the passing downs job after White went down and it is looking like (at least for now) that they did not seize that opportunity.
  3. He's a buy right now to me. You knew he was going to do nothing against TB. Hou, NYJ and LAC three of the next four weeks.
  4. Not even screens. He just ran 6 yards, turned and caught a low pass and sat down or got tackled. Gesicki had 10 rec for 86 yards and basically played the same role. It was clearly their gameplan, quick passes to compensate for MIA terrible oline and LV good pass rush. It almost worked. If you have a moment you should look at their 4th quarter and OT drives. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/202109260rai.htm.
  5. His usage is very strange. They have decided Fuller is the deep guy and Waddle is only a short yardage guy.
  6. Trevor is lucky that Wilson looks so bad, it kinda hides the fact that he has looked very very bad.
  7. CEH. The offense doesn't seem to need him. Williams got the goalline carry. I'm hoping its a gamescript, a combination of CLE/BAL both putting up points and being stout against the run but I do feel like I am making excuses for him.
  8. offered a 2022 2nd and Dee Eskridge for him in dynasty and got rejected right away
  9. Hasty and Mitchell play special teams. Sermon does not. Mostert was the starter and they didn't want four active RBs. So Sermon was inactive.
  10. Yeah, Shanahan obviously just playing games with us. Sermon being a surprise healthy scratch another example. Very maddening.
  11. Team abandoned the run when they got behind. If that happens against the Texans, imagine what happens when they play a good team. I've been saying all offseason that Robinson's value last year was a big result of them still giving him touches when they were behind. If the new regime doesn't do that, Robinson managers are in trouble.
  12. I got offered Justin Jackson, Lev Bell and Tonyan for him today. Don't waste my time.
  13. I'm assuming everyone remembers CMC's 2019 season. Here are CMC's 2019 games against TB: 16 carries for 37 yards 22 caries for 31 yards. Ok how about 2020? 18 carries for 58 yards. Running on TB just doesn't really work the past few years. It's crazy to think the Cowboys, losing Martin on short notice, should have run more. They almost won this game! They clearly had a game plan, to attack man coverage whenever they could, and it almost worked.
  14. Cowboys not even trying to run and honestly they are smart not to.
  15. I'm of the opinion that the scheme was terrible all of last year and Murray was able to produce despite it until he got injured. After he hurt his shoulder in week 8, his rush yards per game dropped from 68 in the first half to 34 in the 2nd half. He just didn't look the same.
  16. Gallup is almost certain to walk. Cooper doesn't have any guaranteed money after this year and is 22mil a year toward the cap a year until 2025. He probably restructures at some point but I doubt they outright cut him in the next 2 years.
  17. My new theory is that Bill is out to prove that he was responsible for all the winning, not Brady. How is he going to do that? Win a SB with terrible quarterback play to prove that not only does he not need Brady, he doesn't really even need the whole position. It's the only thing that makes sense at this point.
  18. I agree completely. I'm in on Davis but I am trying to explain the narrative I am seeing around him. The hype for Javian Hawkins was outrageous for a UDFA that didn't even make the team. There are people who are positive that Qadree Ollison will be the starter at some point this year. The point is that people do not trust that Davis is the guy here because he's an older journeyman RB and they would rather hype other options regardless of what evidence there is.
  19. Because people think this offense will be mediocre/bad and they have no faith in their run game. There is also a sense that he will lose reps as the team falls out of contention and they try to evaluate the other younger rbs on the roster. I think Davis is a steal this year but he does have real red flags that have dropped his perceived value.
  20. I'm trying to decide how I feel about McCarthy being a botton 5 coach. It does feel like all the obvious terrible coaches, Patricia, Lynn, Gase got canned last year. McCarthy exists in that group of coaches competent enough to hold on to the job for a long time but would need a ton of talent and good luck to really succeed. Zimmer, Gruden and Rivera are other examples. I call this the Marvin Lewis tier. Coaches I would rather have McCarthy over. Kingsbury, Taylor, Judge, Sirianni, Culley and also maybe Meyer, Gruden and Fangio. I think McCarthy being bottom 5 is a stretch.
  21. As a ravens fan, he was great getting them a SB but when he "retired" and left Baltimore, I was not upset.
  22. I'm seeing the opposite effect. People are seeing that bomb highlight and ignoring the box score. I do not believe that game lowered his cost right now.
  23. The big difference is that the jags and jets don't think (or shouldn't think) they can win a SB this year. SF was just there with Jimmy, if they think they can get back there with Garoppolo, they are going to try to run that back. It's similar to when the Ravens played Flacco for far too long. They wanted to give the old guy one last chance at getting back to high level form before they switched to the new era. I'm not sure it was the correct call, but I understand why they did it.
  24. Maybe, I just think they are going to give Garoppolo a chance. If he struggles we could see Lance quickly, but I don't think they make the switch without Jimmy forcing their hand.
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