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  1. As much as I like Beckham, I am also a Steelers fan and I would not be happy if they went that route. I think Beckham could do well in Pittsburgh as a player but we need secondary help bad and a tall target not another sub 6foot guy with electric play-making.
  2. I have him rated as my WR4 in my rankings and I don't see that changing regardless of draft spot. This guy is a great athlete with a great skill set that will translate to the NFL pretty well. I can see his career as something similar to Stevie Johnson, by repeating 1000 yd seasons with 6-8 TD's per year. He is very fluid and knows how to get open, intelligent guy with an incredible work ethic, I can't see him as a "failure." His ceiling however is not as high as others. If he can bulk up a little and improve quickness a little he can be an elite asset for a NFL squad but without doing that, his ceiling may be capped at around 1200/10.
  3. I'm not sure he's going to make my cuts after my rookie draft (we swell our rosters by 4 until early September). He hasn't progressed the way I would have expected. 1 league I have him as WR9 with only 1 draft pick so I have the space. The other I have him as WR6 but I'm in rebuild and have lots of "no talent" to drop for my picks. I basically have the room to wait, hope, and see.
  4. This is the last year I'll be holding (if I even hold for the entire year) for him to prove he's worth it. Make or break year in my mind.
  5. Beckham is Sammy but an inch and a half shorter and has quicker feet/cutting ability.
  6. To me, it's clear that he has taken massive improvements from his rookie season. The arrow is pointing upwards for him, just depends on what happens, if he stays in NO as a compliment/depth piece or if he moves somewhere else as a 1st and 2nd down RB.
  7. sadly dropped him last week to make roster space, trying to re-add now where ever I can. Cruz 2.0 in my mind without the top end speed
  8. I've been trying to trade him for an early/mid 2nd to championship contenders which I can't even get... Seems crazy to me that I can't manage to get that because of his opportunity without Wayne and Trent sucking.
  9. I'm liking what I have seen lately, been more involved and seems to be proving (at least a little) what his talent could be. Yes he had the dropped TD but I'm not too discouraged by that. I drafted him back in 2012 been holding ever since in a 30roster league. He is also owned in my 25 roster league which makes me think he should be rostered in all dynasty formats of 20+ rosters.
  10. Is anyone worried here that after all they were playing the vikings? I mean they are a pretty soft defense and he looked pretty good but wasn't stand out'ish to be extremely valuable in the future. What happens when they come to a great D soon with the Jets and Ravens coming up after their bye. I liked him coming out but I am very curious to see what these D's can do to try and stop him or if they will completely shut him down because he does look a little timid behind the line with too many jump cuts.
  11. This would be the smart route for the Steelers who have time and time again proved that they know what they are doing when it comes to smart moves so I'm expecting this instead of an early comeback.
  12. With my history, I still own him, therefore he won't blow up. I took him at #4 in our rookie draft that year over Cam, but still not as bad as the guy taking Daniel Thomas at #2 ha. I really hope he actually does something this year so I can finally flip him for something worth while. Tried to get Finley straight up, no deal. I try to include him as a throw in for bigger trades and honestly it just chases people away from accepting. Sick of this guy.
  13. I'm hoping he has a good season so that I can flip him after the season is over. I don't see him as a long term answer (even though I want him to be so badly, I'm a Steeler fan) Although he could surprise and stick around for 6+ years. He's willing to work with a good head on his shoulders I think he will do alright.
  14. I like Kerley with limited production though. I think it all depends, not necessarily on the the QB play, but more the WR play on the outside. If they can prove to actually help out the offense Kerley could see things open up a lot more on the inside especially with Keller gone. I think he could sneak into a 1000 yds but with limited TD's. I completely agree about his "game speed" though. He seems to be very quick and decisive so that can't hurt what he can bring to the table.
  15. #1 WR on my board. Doesn't exactly mean much because I do very little evaluating and its mostly eye test but still passes my test ha.
  16. I'm picking at 5th and 6th in my 2 leagues, and I'm really hoping to grab him. Frankly I think he will slowly creep into the top3 pretty quickly and I'll be without him.
  17. The best I see Hilton as a Lance Moore clone. Nothing more than 800 yds and maybe 5-6 TD's. I'm just not that impressed when I watch him, and there is probably 100 of these guys on NFL rosters who just never got a shot to make it in the NFL. Maybe I'm the minority of not liking him idk, but I feel like he will play at least 3rd or 4th fiddle to the likes of others like Wayne, Allen, Fleener and maybe DHB (depending on his role).
  18. This is probably overthinking it but I'm just pointing it out. Reggie Wayne, DHB or Hilton, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener I just have a feeling that it will mostly be 2WR sets with a 2 TE set as well. Depends on if DHB can improve his hands then I think he could take over Hilton's duties. It's all dependent on how they use Allen/Fleener IMO if its a 1 TE set usually then both will be servicable. Not so much in 2 TE sets.
  19. Seems very unlikely they will get rid of this season but if you like holding potential break out players, this is your guy to hold for next year when he becomes a FA. Mark Ingram looked better last year and seems to be getting his barrings so I definitely expect them to move Ivory next offseason.
  20. He reminds me of a Miles Austin type, with a little more talent. Maybe a Demaryius Thomas
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