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  1. I signed up with We Got the Vote to do data entry. I haven’t heard from anyone yet but I just signed up today.
  2. I agree, knowing how much people owe is a problem because the state can’t even figure that out.
  3. Lebron James is helping to raise money so people can pay off fines to be able to vote. https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2020/07/24/lebron-james-joins-push-to-turn-out-ex-felon-vote-in-florida-1303417 This is the organization that’s been raising money - over $1.6M so far: https://wegotthevote.org/finesandfees/
  4. We’re in St. Pete. People laugh when we tell them it’s nice to be somewhere not as hot - we came from Dallas. Yes, it’s more humid here but with a slight breeze (or not) it’s not bad walking around when it’s 90.
  5. I’m now an official resident of Florida! We moved here about a month ago and today was the earliest appointment we could get for driver’s licenses and car registrations. I have to say it’s pretty cool to be able to get the license and plates right away rather than have them mailed. We also registered to vote and are looking forward to being able to do it by mail (or dropping it off in person). We’re still getting settled but I plan to look up the local Democratic Party and see what volunteer opportunities there are.
  6. My wife and I will be bringing our Democratic votes to Pinellas County in June, and since I won’t be working I’ve got nothing better to do than find some candidates I like and do some volunteer work for them. When I’m not golfing or playing poker, of course.
  7. We’re in the old NE not too far from the bay. Planning on lots of golf and with the Hard Rock not too far away there will be poker as well. I’ll also have to check out Derby Lane but I think the Hard Rock will have more poker action.
  8. See above - St. Pete. We’ll be coming from Texas and we are definitely looking forward to it.
  9. St. Pete. It’s our early retirement spot.
  10. I’m interested in this topic since my wife and I will be moving to FL in June. As zftcg noted above, it’ll be interesting to be in a place where my presidential vote will actually matter.
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