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  1. How does Pete Buttigeig have a lack of character? I don’t understand.
  2. One of the Twitter comments said that the last time he went to Thighland it cost him $130K.
  3. I saw Thighland was trending on Twitter. Anyone wanna guess why? 😂 https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1291465138525134848?s=21
  4. In Florida I can log on to the county voter site and confirm that my ballot was received and counted. I believe that if there’s an issue with the ballot the county will contact me to resolve the issue - but I’m assuming this would have to be done before Election Day so I can vote in person. It wouldn’t help me if I mailed it the day before the election.
  5. I’m also in Florida and we requested our ballots online. I don’t know if all counties are like this (I’m in Pinellas) but we can request mail-in ballots for up to the next two elections. I won’t have to remember to request a ballot for the Nov general election.
  6. I signed up with We Got the Vote to do data entry. I haven’t heard from anyone yet but I just signed up today.
  7. I agree, knowing how much people owe is a problem because the state can’t even figure that out.
  8. Lebron James is helping to raise money so people can pay off fines to be able to vote. https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2020/07/24/lebron-james-joins-push-to-turn-out-ex-felon-vote-in-florida-1303417 This is the organization that’s been raising money - over $1.6M so far: https://wegotthevote.org/finesandfees/
  9. We’re in St. Pete. People laugh when we tell them it’s nice to be somewhere not as hot - we came from Dallas. Yes, it’s more humid here but with a slight breeze (or not) it’s not bad walking around when it’s 90.
  10. I’m now an official resident of Florida! We moved here about a month ago and today was the earliest appointment we could get for driver’s licenses and car registrations. I have to say it’s pretty cool to be able to get the license and plates right away rather than have them mailed. We also registered to vote and are looking forward to being able to do it by mail (or dropping it off in person). We’re still getting settled but I plan to look up the local Democratic Party and see what volunteer opportunities there are.
  11. My dad lives in northern OH, said he sees about 5-10% of people wearing masks when he’s at Wal-Mart or the grocery store. He wears one and minimizes how often he leaves the house. He really should get his groceries delivered since he’s 74 and had triple bypass surgery 6 months ago.
  12. Based on everyone wearing masks, probably. My wife and I have been wearing ours anytime we go out so I didn’t look for a sign that said it was required. We moved here from Texas a couple of weeks ago and during the drive it seemed like Florida was the most stringent on mask-wearing requirements. We spent the night in Mobile and at the hotel, the front desk clerk was wearing a mask and they had a 6-foot line at the front desk. Only one hotel bar was open with signs regarding social distancing. We stopped at a McDonald’s somewhere in FL and there was an employee at the door to let people in to minimize the number of people inside at one time. Masks were required inside and only one person at a time allowed in the bathroom. Exit was a separate door from the entrance. Since we’ve been in St. Pete, from what we can tell most people are wearing masks while shopping. I don’t think every store has been requiring them but it’s still good to see that most people are doing it. We haven’t been going out to bars or dining in anywhere so the only thing I know about those places is that St. Pete had to re-close 4 bars after employees tested positive for COVID-19.
  13. Went to Costco in Clearwater, FL today - best I could tell, 100% mask wearing by everyone there. I’d say >90% at Target.
  14. That’s not how it works. People don’t get to choose the data they “believe in”. This sounds a lot like “alternative facts” which doesn’t make any sense at all. Data is data - nothing more, nothing less. Of course, people may interpret data in different ways but the underlying data doesn’t change.
  15. The only thing to watch out for that I've seen with the upside down cup is that sometimes the ball will hit one of the bolts and pop back out. Depending on how far away you are, it can be difficult to tell if that's what happened or if the putt simply lipped out.
  16. My 'system', if you want to call it that, is very simple. I track SPY 8-month moving average, both EMA and SMA. When the monthly close switches from above to below on both, I switch from SPY to IEF. When the monthly close goes back above on both, I switch from IEF to SPY. It's boring but simple and it beats a simple buy-and-hold on the SPY. Occasionally I'll dabble with fun money on short-term trades but my long-term stuff uses the above. Edit: forgot to note that I stole this from @siffoin in a post he made at some point in the last year or two.
  17. Looks like these will expire today and I'll collect the premium. Didn't make as much as I could have given the current price but I'll never complain about making 22% in a few weeks.
  18. We have these trips scheduled: May 16-23: Cabo - haven't cancelled yet but this one isn't likely to happen The ones below are still scheduled but I honestly have no idea if they're going to happen. I think the October trip is likely to get rescheduled since there are a group of us going and I'm not sure if everyone (or anyone) will feel comfortable going. I told my wife she'll just have to be 49 for another year. 😄 July 25: Green Day at Dodger Stadium July 29: Kelly Clarkson at Planet Hollywood in Vegas Aug 14: Lady Gaga at Wrigley Field Oct 7-18: Wife's birthday trip to Italy
  19. We’ve been planning our move to St. Pete since last year. We bought a house in July and our snowbird tenant just left to go back home. We have the movers scheduled for the first week of June and we’re still hopeful it’s going to happen. Good luck with your efforts. I think it’s probably the right decision to stay where you are given what’s going on for the reasons you mentioned, particularly being around family.
  20. We have a trip to Cabo 5/16-5/23. Haven’t cancelled yet but I’m pretty sure at this point México won’t be letting us in. We have a few concerts planned for July/Aug in LA, Vegas, and Chicago. We’re still hopeful about those. The big one for us is that we’re supposed to move to FL in early June. No idea if that will still happen or if it’ll need to get pushed out.
  21. Sold Apr 7.50 puts for 1.70. Don’t mind taking the stock at a cost basis of 5.80 or collecting the premium if it jumps back up in a few weeks.
  22. +1 on this. Last time I went to the store I got there about 15 min after opening. I was hoping there would be fewer people that early in the morning. Store must have restocked TP overnight because I saw some in people’s carts but there was none on the shelf. Didn’t see any paper towels or Kleenex. Didn’t need any so not a big deal. Frozen veggies were just about gone, fresh produce shelves were empty except for broccoli and green onions which were full due to an employee stocking while I was there. Pasta and rice were gone, milk was pretty low too. They had signs limiting milk, eggs, and paper products. I’d say the meat section was about 40% full. This was north of Dallas.
  23. Good question. I think they went back to the last day that person was at work. Since I’ve been working from home all week, the 14-day start date from last contact with anyone at work would be 3/13.
  24. I was notified today by my boss that I was in proximity to someone in my workgroup that has tested positive for COVID-19. I’m under self-quarantine for 14 days back to last week when I would have been in the same room as the person. I don’t have any symptoms and feel fine but it’s still not fun to hear. From what I understand, the person left work during their shift with a fever. I’ve been working from home anyway and it’s a good thing we’re stocked up on food since I can’t go out for the next several days.
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