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  1. Yeah, looking back I wish I hadn’t but the frustration got the best of me. Skipping was gonna happen after the 10th, we were gonna skip 11 and go play the 12th from about 200 yards out. Walking makes it tough to skip with the courses layout.
  2. He busted his hand and has been playing through it
  3. I looked at the time when they left the 9th green, it was 20 minutes when we got to the tee box at 10 and that was with stopping for beer/bathroom. The group ahead was already on the 12th green which is a long par 5, 11 is a long par 4. Both my group and the group in front of them were all walkers!
  4. Unleashed my @belljr yesterday, never before have I hit into a group. Tee time was 2 pm, the course is every 8 minutes so 151 rolls up and the starter (older lady) says we can go but just then 152 rolls up but only 2 of them. They say the other 2 are right behind so she say ok, now the group in front had already played their second into the green (par 4) so the box is ready to go but she she decides to let them go. Welp the 4some is filled with 2 couples, the guys take a minute to get ready and tee off and then the ladies take forever. All 4 of them hit lunch balls because they’ve shanked them
  5. Been pick pocketed before in Vegas and have never gone back to the back pocket. When I’m drunk I’ll forget to move it forward so now I’ve just gotten used to it up front
  6. Wallet, keys, and chapstick in front right pocket and phone in front left pocket
  7. https://saddlebackleather.com/leather-wallet-mens-bifold-small I use this, 4 credit cards and 2 ID’s plus cash
  8. This next hour will help determine what level drunk I get tonight
  9. I agree, but playing a rec round with his kids should be in his future, even if it’s 5 years from now
  10. Not believing it goes to 2 or higher?
  11. These guys are still wrecking into their 40’s
  12. I’m not sure about playing pro level golf again but he will be fine with the other stuff. Motocross riders have these types of surgery and recover just fine.
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