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  1. what does this mean? he was closing the door? everyone on twitter was saying they can see him in the field
  2. yeah, i was shocked halfway through that Renner wasn’t ruining the movie and actually adding value.
  3. it’s like i don’t even know this team anymore, on the road after a short week and we win 🤯
  4. i think it’s a little odd, usually the police don’t want you saying anything so that the suspect isn’t getting any new information either
  5. i guess if the guy weighed 110 lbs and the girl was 150 at least that was the cops logic around the 58 minute mark was that she couldn’t hurt the guy. interestingly enough they shut the audio down right after that while they talked it out
  6. the argument started over her ocd, she flipped when he got in the van with dirty feet. that and the stress from creating a blogging website set her off.
  7. great to know, looking at the kc game right now and the weekend would be perfect for it.
  8. a $100 ticket on stubhub for opening night is awesome, i was debating trying for something like that later in the year but was not stoked on the current prices
  9. saw it this past weekend from Aston Villa who gifted Kovacic a goal.
  10. is there any sort of tailgate there? man, i’m going to miss the oakland tailgates as i’d be there lined up and pre partying waiting for the gates to open. in fact the final year i went to 3 tailgates but only in to 1 game. As Cinderella sang “don’t know what you got til it’s gone”
  11. the fumble sack was the most in raider OT play i’ve seen in years. first and goal at the half yard line and blowing it was what i expect to happen as a raiders fan. lamar evading is what i expected to happen, it’s what my dad expected to happen, it’s what my kids expected to happen, the dog expected…. you get the point, just win baby
  12. i can only imagine how awesome tonight was for you!! fn jealous as #### right now!
  13. just read Art Metrano died, i still say “captain Mauser, yowza yowza” https://youtu.be/iVpMOc1-Wg4
  14. having spent time living on boats isolated from the world my senses bad time to grow, i can’t explain it but i can only assume this show is big with military people.
  15. yeah, now that i’m on the cusp of 46 and i’ve gone from 20/20 to reading glasses and perfect hearing to blaring my tv this #### is interesting to me. i hate the main antagonist but the premise is fascinating to me and the cinematography and “loud sounds” are enjoyable
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