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  1. Plus having to wait over 900 years to see if the draft picks pay off seems risky.
  2. 10 team 1.0 PPR Dynasty Team A gave: Alex Collins, 1.08 Team B gave: Derrius Guice
  3. Saw someone say the following in another topic and thread: ”If you have to say you aren't, chances are it applies. Anyone who truly wasn't would just laugh and let it go.” Seems like you never had any dignity to begin with. Must suck being you.
  4. Sadly you have seemed positively giddy relishing the failures of a fellow human being throughout this thread. I think you should just drop posting in this thread and try to regain some semblance of dignity you may have had at one time.
  5. The key word is “offered”. Never accepted, got a good laugh out of it.
  6. 10 team dynasty, 1.0 PPR, 25 player rosters, start 9 (QB, 2-3 RB, 2-3 WR, TE, K, DEF) I give: RB David Johnson, WR Julio Jones, TE Travis Kelce I get: RB Dalvin Cook, RBJames White, WR Jakeem Grant, 2019 2nd rookie pick (2.07?)
  7. Very true, that year the number of Chargers fans seemed to finally outnumber fans of other teams. Was always disappointing to feel like home games were away games due to all of the non-Chargers fans. When I lived in SD, I always had the sense that fans would not pony up for PSLs. Also always went to the Holiday Bowl, which was a great atmosphere. SD is a sports friendly town, just not sure that tourists would go to any pro games, regardless of the sport, with so many other things to do. I think I may have seen an incriminating photo of that donkey on the other side of the border.
  8. Was a season ticket holder for 20 years. Hard to stomach the move to LA, but still root for them from afar. Cannot seem to quit them. Padres did help spoil the Chargers bid for a stadium, but Spanos and company did lots of damage. City went crazy the year SD went to the SB. The city has changed so much just in the last 10 years, not sure the current economic situation (e.g., high cost of living) would make fans support a team.
  9. Think he will do well, likely similar to last year. Although he can come back after week 4, week 5 is a bye. In dynasty, good trade if you can get a top 5 rookie pick for next year?
  10. Is Stewart under contract for 2017? SP thoughts on how relevant (if at all) CAP will be on this team going forward. Due to lack of ST experience, he has been inactive for many games.
  11. Not meaning to hijack this thread, but Paul Perkins would be a good next target.
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