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  1. He's been a strong qb 1 the last three weeks. His opponents were Tampa, Miami, New England. In that time he's averaged 330 passing yards yards, 60 rushing yards, and slightly over 3.5 touchdowns. When do we start talking about him maybe being a high end rest of season option?
  2. I know he returned kicks in college, but I haven't heard any reports he'll be a return guy this year. Seems like he's got a couple guys ahead of him in that aspect.
  3. I'm in my 30's and have had some slight ball sag. Not much, but it's there. Either my body is aging faster than my actual years or some of don't remember how high and tight yours were in your teens and early 20's.
  4. The gf and I went on a vacation a couple weeks ago. While checking her backpack before packing I found a hard boiled egg that had been in there for...I dunno, but a period of months at least. Then when we came back from vacation I found a string cheese and orange she had left in the car. I'm going to need a new gf or a cleaning company on retainer.
  5. I'd guess it's the same logic that short guys use to lie about their height on dating profiles. They figure you'll be so wowed by them in person you'll change your clearly stated criteria. I'm sure there are some in your situation who feel flattered by the whole ordeal they end up talking themselves into a lower price than they started with because of the environment/workplace/city life/whatever.
  6. It's getting trashed by critics and it's handled by the same guy who made a mess of Iron Fist. I'm out.
  7. @ATB How much do you charge if I give you my opponent's lineup?
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