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  1. Damnit, sorry. You rams fans all look alike.
  2. Tbf, I don't think Trump is a terrible president because he's a businessman with no previous political experience. I think Schultz would be a terrible president but for different reasons than what makes Trump a terrible president.
  3. If you haven't taken the time to determine their stance how can you be so confident you're as far removed from them as you claim you'd like to be?
  4. Do you believe this stance is the exact opposite end of the Trump supporter spectrum?
  5. Why Trump's $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Hasn’t Sparked Hiring or Investment
  6. From my perspective that would mean you'll be voting for Democrats in the next election. Is that incorrect?
  7. It seems like you're a Trump supporter realizing you shouldn't actually support the man but you're unwilling to support the person most likely to put a stop to his madness. Am I mistaken?
  8. If only the Democrats would stop investigating crimes committed by criminals then the criminals could continue committing crimes.
  9. Electing an unqualified businessman with zero political experience and a questionable track record to the highest office in the country seems like a mistake we've definitely never made before.
  10. I fear they're going to say this only happened after the Democrats came into power with the blue wave. No, it doesn't make any sense. But the timing in crazy town works for a good bold faced lie.
  11. At least Trump gets to keep his tradition of screwing contractors out of being paid. ART OF THE KNEEL
  12. Your political predictive abilities are matched only by your abilities of hindsight.
  13. Although to be fair it fits with our nation's theme of being held hostage by a gerrymandered minority.
  14. Jfc, what a crybaby. She's unbelievably unlikeable at every single turn. I see she's sharing Trump buck stopping everywhere else mentality. Bernie backed her. Just because his supporters didn't fall in love with a crappy, boring, unlikeable candidate is an issue she needs to be responsible for. He can't force them to vote for her.
  15. At least Nixon is finally going to be facing jail time.
  16. Very stable genius is my favorite.
  17. Business Insider: Trump said tax cuts would be 'rocket fuel' for the US economy. Here's why they weren't.
  18. TSA is security theater. I don't mind the illusion of safety, but not if that illusion costs us billions. That money could and should be better spent elsewhere.
  19. Our nation is being held hostage by a domestic terrorist and enemy of the state. I'm only being slightly hyperbolic. Very slightly.
  20. Can you help me understand why the GOP is refusing to allow a vote to end the government shutdown? It seems Trump wants the shutdown. Why is the GOP falling in line if they're theoretically wholly separate entities?
  21. If Fox news changes their opinion we can end this thing. Otherwise our nation will continue to be held hostage by traitors and white nationalist advocates known as the GOP.
  22. The only way to stop them is to give them every single thing they want.
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