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  1. He *did* do a bad job there. But the key is... he learned from his mistakes. He is the coach he is today because of that experience he went through. And not everyone can do that.
  2. Rams 33 Patriots 20 Donald gets MVP Game starts out fairly evenly but Rams pull away late as the run game wears them down.
  3. This precise logic was used to explain why the Packers were gonna destroy the Denver Broncos, their mammoth line against Denver's undersized line.
  4. Never look to the betting line for such things. Vegas opened the line where it did to generate action. With New England being a public team and the way the Rams won sticking in the betting public's craw, all the money went down on New England and the line moved. Vegas wanted money. Vegas got money. And Vegas, you may be surprised to find out, is notorious for keeping money.
  5. The answer to this problem is the easiest solution out there, but it seems nobody is mentioning it. Stop having professional athletes officiated by lawyers and college professors. Make being an NFL official a full-time gig. Have them spend their off-season breaking down tape so they can get themselves in tune with what to look for on bang-bang plays, create more consistency on what they will or won't call as holding, more consistency for what they will or won't call on pass interference. We have high-stakes professional sports being officiated by part-time employees. The only league that does this. Before we do any overhaul of rules or replay technology, let's do our best to get people on the field who are dedicated 100% to getting it right, not to people who know they have their hedge fund on the side to fall back on should this referee gig fall through.
  6. Go back and look at that play. One person has their eyes on the ball and is positioning himself to make a play on it. One person has no idea where the ball is and runs into the other player without looking back for the ball. So even if you want to go with "the ref should have known whether a ball coming from 30 yards away was tipped or the arm was hit" (totally unreasonable in my estimation), which player should have been called for PI?
  7. It's funny because it was being done to someone who had done it, in a thread totally unrelated to it. It's meta.
  8. With the way the ball came out of there, there's no way a ref 30 yards downfield is going to say "I can tell that ball was not tipped but was instead the product of an arm getting hit." That duck should not have been called.
  9. They had no chance against the Dallas run D. They had no chance against the Saints on their homefield. What premise are you working on this time... third time's a charm? "Eventually the Rams will have no chance."
  10. This Super Bowl will complete a nice story arc. The Patriot dynasty began with a win over the Rams, and it will conclude with a loss to the Rams. Love to see it come down to GZ making a kick and going "snow angel" in the confetti.
  11. Did the refs miss the call? Absolutely. Have I texted the phrase "Don't care in the slightest" so often in the past six hours that it has become my autofill default? Yes I have. I hear people saying that the Rams will be hated for how they won. But after a decade of them being ignored.... don't care in the slightest.
  12. How they said there was a receiver in the area is beyond me.
  13. Amazingly selfless play by Gurley. In a race to break the season TD record and he goes down in the field of play so a missed XP doesn't give the Pack a glimmer of hope. So obscenity glad Gurley in on this team.
  14. Fantasy sports: Take something you love then kill it with spreadsheets.
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