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  1. I netted Julio and a 1st; if you’re going to take jabs at least make sure you’re aim is true.
  2. Maybe. It’s always nice to be lucky. And yeah, Lamar and Kelce wasn’t the best moves I’ve ever made, and RBs and 1sts are ridiculously overpriced in this league. The sum of the trades: Lamar, Kelce, Jeundy, Antonio Gibson, Jeundy, 3.08, 4.08, Jakobi Meyers For Julio, Kittle, Landry, Ingram, 2021 early 1st (top 3) Garoppolo Kelce to Kittle is negligible. Watson is now my staring QB, so a step down for sure, but I’ll make up the points with Julio, Landry, and Ingram (he’s still got another year or two, imo). Watson, Garoppolo, Sanders, Ingram, Mack, Cohen, Vaughn, Coleman, Penny (yeah, my RBs are weak) Evans, Julio, Landry, T. Y., Gallup, Ruggs, Pittman, Corey Davis, Curtis Samuel, Anthony Miller Kittle, Henry We’ll see. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Aiyuk, Jakobi Meyers, Kmet, 2021 1st (late), 2021 1st (mid) for Kittle, Landry
  4. 12 team PPR, 6 pts all TDs Julio, 2021 1st for Jeundy, 3.08. 4.08
  5. 12 team PPR, 6 pts all TDs Lamar, Kelce for Garoppolo, Ingram, Kmet, 2021 1st
  6. Close to deists than to what? In this author's opinion, he's closer to group A than group B (which is unnamed in your quote). Notice she didn't say he part of group A, just closer to it. That doesn't mean that any characteristics of group A can be attributed ipso facto to Newton as you appear to suggest. If I say that you are closer to a billy goat than to an ant, and that goats have horns and pee on their beard, have I really attributed those traits to you? "Closer" is not a criteria I'd use when trying to apply the transitive property. Since we're sharing quotes: “Well before 1675, Newton had become an Arian in the original sense of the term. He recognized Christ as a divine mediator between God and man, who was subordinate to the Father who created him.” Richard Westfall, Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton (Cambridge,1980), 315.
  7. And you're the one that doesn't understand that Newton rejected the trinity but not Jesus' divinity.
  8. Replacing "unilaterally equal trinity" with "divinity" is a mistake as they are not synonymous.
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