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  1. I thought the challenger would answer "Santa Claus" owing to his history.
  2. I still like posting these things even though they never pan out: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-10-scientists-highly-potent-antibody-sars-cov-.html I'll keep following it just in case.
  3. Normally when he did this, he was completely unflappable and confident he would get the answer. He was nervous doing this when he lost. It was inevitable he would have a bad day, but if the other players weren't so good he could have probably overcome it. Enjoyed the run. He was great.
  4. I try to only use player's names in my team names. Recent successes: Odell, Modell, Golladay Ginn (I cheated and used an owner) The Breida's Kupp Fitz Tua Tee
  5. I wish the ape a lot of success I'm sorry my apartment's a mess Most of all I'm sorry that I made you blue I'm betting the gorilla will too
  6. Patience is a virtue that I don’t possess And I can’t deny that heaven lies beneath a cotton dress How small a part of time we share till we hear the sound of wings I am lost in the dust of the chase that my life brings
  7. Home improvement expert Harold Hill of Harold Hill Of do-it-yourself dexterity And double-glazing skill Came home to find another gentleman's kippers In the grill So he sanded off his winkle With his Black and Decker drill
  8. I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel I was staring in my empty coffee cup I was thinking that the gypsy wasn't lying All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles, I am gonna drink them up And if California slides into the ocean Like the mystics and statistics say it will I predict this motel will be standing Until I pay my bill.
  9. Some interesting thoughts on the 8-week surge pattern: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/briefing/delta-peak-covid-caseload.html It's paywalled, so here's the upshot: "Since the Covid virus began spreading in late 2019 cases have often surged for about two months — sometimes because of a variant, like Delta — and then declined for about two months. Epidemiologists do not understand why. Many popular explanations, like seasonality or the ebbs and flows of social distancing, are clearly insufficient, if not wrong. The two-month cycle has occurred during different seasons of the year and occurred even when human behavior was not changing in obvious ways. The most plausible explanations involve some combination of virus biology and social networks. Perhaps each virus variant is especially likely to infect some people but not others — and once many of the most vulnerable have been exposed, the virus recedes. And perhaps a variant needs about two months to circulate through an average-sized community. Human behavior does play a role, with people often becoming more careful once caseloads begin to rise. But social distancing is not as important as public discussion of the virus often imagines. "We've ascribed far too much human authority over the virus," as Michael Osterholm, an infectious-disease expert at the University of Minnesota, has told me."
  10. I haven't checked in on Dr. Campbell for a few weeks. His youtube video from yesterday is very interesting. Summary: Myocarditis and Pericarditis may be caused by failure to aspirate injections and injecting the vaccine into a vein rather than the muscle. https://youtu.be/nBaIRm4610o I am curious as to what our medical guys think of this.
  11. I agree. She's also had someone help her with hair, makeup and clothing to de-frump her look. I am pleased with the Mayim/Jennings combo. Buzzy can help out if needed.
  12. I quit all political discussions online a couple of years ago. I'm a happier person (better looking too!) I believe some of this is the Dunning-Kruger effect: https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/heres-how-to-tell-within-5-minutes-if-someone-isnt-as-smart-as-they-think.html Confirmation bias is another large aspect that has been skirted around in the discussion. All our media is now confirmation bias clickbait.
  13. Surge in Louisiana began in mid July. Schools opened August 10-20. Cases in this surge peaked around August 4-8 with some variation by region. Cases continue to fall. There was no correlation or causation for the surge with school openings. There have been lots of cases reported from schools, but they did not cause the surge nor extend it. Case numbers got wonky when Ida hit the large population centers, but there's no reason to think schools had an impact. They might still, but not in this surge. EDIT: I spotted an interesting data point. Cases in kids age 5-17 in Louisiana peaked around August 25. Some of that could have come from the opening of schools.
  14. Zeke owner here. Pollard looks better by quite a bit.
  15. Israel posted compelling info a month or two ago about infections going way up as time since vaccination passed. This is apparently all about hospitalizations and severe disease, which appears less compelling. I think there should still be an attempt to keep cases down if boosters will help with that, even if the impact on hospitalizations and severe disease is small. Israeli data is all on Pfizer. There is some evidence that the other vaccines may wane less or more slowly. Time needs to pass for the data to be exact.
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