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  1. I got the call from our Health Clinic at work about getting the vaccine today. Unfortunately I don't quite qualify under current Louisiana guidelines yet, but I will with the next expansion. So I'm on the list, but not scheduled. One of my co-workers got scheduled for Tuesday because she is 65. I can see that more stuff is opening here and people are starting to do things that they haven't been able to do. I think the restrictions will slowly go away over the next several months. Normal by mid July.
  2. I think they are both miracles, but if given the choice I would take the Pfizer, just because it is three weeks between shots instead of four for Moderna. That's one week sooner to full effect! You can't make a bad choice.
  3. Pfizer vaccine can be stored in regular freezers. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/pfizer-says-coronavirus-vaccine-can-be-stored-at-warmer-temperatures/ar-BB1dPzBf?ocid=msedgntp The news on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines just keeps getting better. These are phenomenal successes.
  4. Right in my wheelhouse, the year I graduated from High School, plus I was working at my hometown radio station. Looking forward to it, Tim!
  5. Worrierqueen's second dose was delayed. It was supposed to be Monday, now scheduled for Thursday. Dose deliveries were delayed by the ice storm.
  6. More interesting data from Israel. They now have more people hospitalized with COVID-19 who are under 60 than over 60. All the old folks are already vaccinated. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/israel-now-has-more-hospitalized-covid-19-patients-under-60-than-over-60/
  7. Mondays and Tuesdays have the lowest totals (at least on Bloomberg's tracker), probably reflecting weekend numbers. We just went over 1.5 million per day on the 7-day average, which is a new high. This week's Monday and Tuesday numbers are actually quite a bit higher than last week's. Also hit our first 2 million dose day last week (2/6). Overall trend is still good.
  8. Yes, I take daily supplement with vitamins C & D and Zinc. No guarantee it helps, but it is absolutely harmless and so easy it's a no brainer. I also try to get out in the sunshine shirtless whenever possble, scaring local wildlife and blinding passing pilots. Nothing like producing your own vitamin D. I'm in South Louisiana, so this is possible in winter (not every day).
  9. We reached the 1.5 million per day mark in seven-day running average of vaccinations yesterday. While we certainly got off to a slow, chaotic start, the US vaccination campaign is now clearly one of the best in the world. The new administration vowed to administer one million per day and that occurred just as they were taking office. They upped their target to 1.5 million per day which has now been reached. On the J & J vs. other vaccines, it's different arguments. We need everybody to get vaccinated to end the pandemic. That's a group goal. Getting the shot with the best prote
  10. I think the CDC has done a terrible job of messaging on the fomite issue. It is not the main way this disease is transmitted, but there is a very tiny risk of fomite infection, so they won't come out and proclaim loudly "you don't need to be sanitizing everything anymore, we overstated that risk. Just don't be around people not in your household indoors for more than five minutes at a time and you'll be fine." The risk is tiny but they don't want people to stop being careful. Our local Wal-mart had an outbreak among employees last week. They shut the whole store down for two days to ste
  11. I lost my mom in 2015 due to cancer. She was suffering from Alzheimer's. Dad went two years later. It was a very difficult last few years, as I was the primary caregiver. My only sibling was not much help, living 1000 miles away. This continued through the settling of the estate. I did all the work when they were both alive and I handled all of the affairs afterward. It caused some strains in our relationship. Beware. I would be happy to help anyone who is going through this. There is a lot to navigate.
  12. I just got word from HR that our health clinic will be getting 50 doses of the Moderna vaccine per week. I'm not at the front of the line (I don't quite qualify under current guidelines from the Governor), but I should be able to get the vaccine as soon as they open it to essential government employees. I stayed through two hurricanes, so I consider myself essential!
  13. I know! They had at least 10-12 of these from Israel in the first few months. If this were a story in the US I would think it was motivated by the clickbait mentality of our press. There it's more like a PR campaign.
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