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  1. I agree with this. Isn't Pfizer the only shot approved for 16 and 17 year-olds? If so, that's your teen's only option.
  2. Excellent article. With a new virus and new vaccines, it's very difficult to have good data on risks and rewards. People have a tendency to seek information that confirms their preconceived biases whether it be fear of vaccines, it's-no-worse-than-the-flu opinions, or we need to wear masks outdoors and sanitize playground equipment. Data like this is how we get people and officials to make math and science based decisions.
  3. Moderna is working on a booster that would be combined with the annual flu shot (one shot). That might make it easier on everyone to get it.
  4. The risk of clotting from the J & J vaccine is slightly less than the risk from certain OTC pain medications. The abundance of caution in this case is insanely overcautious. Tell the public, explain the risks, make sure health care providers are aware and keep jabbing. This decision will likely cost lives.
  5. We averaged 3.1 million doses per day this past week. We are currently giving 1% of the population a dose daily. That's incredible. This pace is not sustainable. The vaccine hesitant and resistant population will soon be all that's left, along with kids. Things have slowed down in Israel and the UK already. Some of that is due to hesitancy and some of it is due to the fact that they have so many children in Israel that are currently not eligible.
  6. Sore arm today after second Moderna shot yesterday afternoon. No other side effects.
  7. Second dose (Moderna) is in the arm. I don't want to go back to work!
  8. This story, which I've seen in several locations now got my attention. Read it if you get the chance and see if you agree with my take on it down below: https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/546456-46-covid-19-cases-linked-to-one-indoor-bar-event-in-rural-illinois-cdc You know what bugs me about the article? It blames the outbreak on the bar opening, not the fact that five people-one who had already tested positive and four who had symptoms-attended. How incredibly stupid and selfish is it to go to a bar when you have tested positive? That's an outrage! And the symptomatic peo
  9. Interesting discussion. A lot of this virus is random. It is out of our control. I think as we go forward we will still be seeing outbreaks, but they will get continually smaller. We had huge regional outbreaks last summer and last fall. I think there will continue to be regional outbreaks but they will be smaller and smaller. Then we will keep having localized outbreaks and they will get smaller and smaller until the disease finally goes away. Of course this may be exactly the opposite of what happens. Nothing has been easy to predict.
  10. I don't know why Michigan is having it rough, but Ontario is right next door and they are having a major issue. Maybe some connection.
  11. We have made many errors in fighting the virus, but this one really gets me riled up. People are still sanitizing surfaces to an insane degree while ignoring airborne transmission. Our Health leaders have failed us on this and continue to do so. If they had said, "any activity outdoors is safe, maskless, including licking strangers on the nostrils, just don't get together with people from outside your household indoors," we would have far fewer deaths. They still haven't stressed ventilation in any way close to what was needed.
  12. I have two old friends from back home who are military veterans, one of whom has a chest full of medals from his time in Iraq. Both are gung-ho types and are truly brave and dedicated to their country and were obviously willing to risk their own lives and their bodies for the common good in war. They are the two most anti vaccine people on my facebook feed, repeating every inane and disproven anti vaccine bit of misinformation. If their commander in the military had asked either of them to take on the riskiest task in war, I have no doubt they would have done so; they would have been the fir
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-found-safe-and-100-effective-in-12-15-year-olds-the-company-says/
  14. There is some evidence from the trials and from Israel that the one to two week time frame after the second shot is fairly accurate. As for the weekly timelines for the shots, they don't recommend deviating from them because they have evidence that those timeframes work. It is quite possible or even likely that a different time frame (2 weeks, six weeks, maybe 12 weeks) would be equally as effective or possibly even more effective. But as of now, that hasn't been studied so they don't recommend it. They chose three and four weeks before the trial, because they have worked well in the
  15. Almost certainly because of the vaccinations. The older residents (first to get vaccines) go down first, followed by each age group that came next. It's pretty remarkable. We are still behind them in vaccinations but doing very well. We should start to see our numbers do something similar in a few weeks.
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