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  1. Israel posted compelling info a month or two ago about infections going way up as time since vaccination passed. This is apparently all about hospitalizations and severe disease, which appears less compelling. I think there should still be an attempt to keep cases down if boosters will help with that, even if the impact on hospitalizations and severe disease is small. Israeli data is all on Pfizer. There is some evidence that the other vaccines may wane less or more slowly. Time needs to pass for the data to be exact.
  2. As a Saints fan who watched Murray in the two pre-season games, he looked very slow and seemed to go down easily. He looked cooked to me and I was not surprised when they cut him. I thought they would before the roster cutdown day. Take that for what it is worth, a fan's observation.
  3. I have a friend (not close) who is 44, a little heavy but not obese and otherwise in generally good health. He spent 29 days in a hospital and two more weeks in a rehab center from COVID in June. He was on a vent for 7 days and recovered. His medical bills total $220 thousand, $43K from medications alone. He is on the hook for a little more than 20%.
  4. I found this interesting and hopeful. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/09/07/1033677208/new-studies-find-evidence-of-superhuman-immunity-to-covid-19-in-some-individuals
  5. They can't be. It's possible at the beginning of a surge, but right now, cases are falling in many areas and maybe around the country. They aren't going up by a factor of five to nine per infection.
  6. We are. We're still barely on the edge of the cone of uncertainty. I'm guessing ten am NHC track is a little closer to us, but not in any danger of a direct hit yet.
  7. We're going crazy here in SWLA. Not hoping for bad things for our neighbors but hoping it stays to our East as the track shows currently.
  8. I know, but social media is freaking out after our season last year. I'm going to start drinking heavily, just in case.
  9. Right in the middle of the models here in SWLA. Still a lot of blue tarps from Hurricane Laura last year. Saturday is the one-year anniversary.
  10. Louisiana has definitely peaked. The big concern is the schools now. The only age group increasing in cases is 5-17. Overall, it appears the state peaked between August 2 and 9.
  11. There is a strong possibility that the very same people who are at risk of suffering from myocarditis from the vaccine are the very most at risk of suffering myocarditis from the disease. It's only theorized so far, but it makes sense. If your immune system reacts to the vaccine that way it is likely to react to the disease that way.
  12. In. I have some favorites in mind and I will chime in when appropriate. Fantastic year for music.
  13. Not peer reviewed but interesting. One of these will hit at some point (not saying this is the one that does). https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-astrazeneca-hails-trial-results-covid.html
  14. Open windows and ventilation mentioned. Good! Now take the next step....
  15. It works better in Arizona, because you can do it for longer periods of time than in Michigan or Montana. You can probably do October through April. Michigan can probably do August through mid October and then Late April and May. This is not all day every day. Every minute outside is better than inside.
  16. I've been pushing outdoor classes in schools. It's gotta be better than masks. Starting to see some online stuff agreeing with me: https://reason.com/2021/08/18/if-class-outside-was-good-enough-for-plato-its-good-enough-in-a-pandemic/ I'm not giving up on this! Join my crusade!
  17. I believe Louisiana has peaked, most likely on August 9th. Eastern parts of the state are slowly falling, percent positive is down slightly and hospitalizations are not increasing very much. Unfortunately cases are not falling rapidly, in fact they are just barely down over the last two weeks and some parts of the state (mine) are yet to peak. We need a precipitous fall in cases and I fear that won't happen with schools open now.
  18. Good posting. Our efforts to mitigate the virus are our best bet to getting to this point. Once a virus is a common cold, we quit worrying about it and stop trying to stop it. Free replicating victims for the virus are everywhere.
  19. Our state remains a cautionary tale. Do not let this happen to you! That being said there are a few reasons for hope. Hospitalizations have slowed considerably. Hospitals are seeing fewer patients reporting at ERs with COVID-like symptoms. It appears a couple of regions may have peaked. Of course the hospitals slowing admissions may be because they don't have any room and the COVID-like symptom numbers might be down because authorities keep telling people with mild symptoms to go elsewhere. Our reporting has gotten slower, which is what happened in previous surges. We used to get 80% of reported cases within 48 hours of the test. With the huge numbers everywhere in the South, the labs have slowed down again, so they keep trickling in for a week. My region ran completely out of the rapid tests this week.
  20. I was the chairman of our local Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census. They just released a lot of data yesterday and in anticipation of media inquiries I refreshed my memory on a few things, including our rate of voluntary participation and who were the people who didn't participate until the Census people came knocking on their door. It's amazing how much the participation in the census by area reflects the pattern of taking the vaccine. The same areas are low in both and the same areas are high in both. It's not an exact fit, but it's close enough for me to be confident in a correlation. The biggest lack of participation is in poor areas in both instances, with rural areas following closely. Richest neighborhoods have the highest in both cases.
  21. December, 2019 I made my annual Roth IRA contribution of $5500 and asked my adviser to give me three or four options on individual stocks and I ended up with Pfizer. It's done well, tracking right along with the S & P overall, but timing it a month before the pandemic started you would think I'd be Warren Buffett by now. Not quite. Louisiana tracks it for cases, hospitalizations and deaths, but updates weekly. Our local hospitals are doing it daily for hospitalizations. Today 118 in the parish's three hospitals, 111 unvaccinated.
  22. Mixed emotions about this. I am a proud member of team Moderna, so I'm happy about that. However, worrierqueen is a Pfizer gal, plus I am a Pfizer stockholder. I'm not quite sure which of those two negatives has me more concerned!😜
  23. Remember when this thread was full of articles like this one? https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-drug-sars-cov-infection-cent-reveals.html About a year ago we would get three or four of these a week. It's good to know they are still trying this stuff and one of them may actually be helpful at some point.
  24. The Colonel described it well, I will add that in a couple of the early hotspots in the Bayou State-specifically the Baton Rouge and Northshore regions--the first indications of a peak are possibly showing. The next couple of days numbers will get us through testing over last weekend and through Mondays which are the biggest days for numbers. It appears that July 26th was the peak day unless massive tests are still out there. Other regions, including New Orleans, which has the greatest population, are clearly still on the way up and that will likely mean increasing raw numbers for the state for a while. But knowing that a peak is possible in the first areas hit is somewhat reassuring. I think my area (Southwest LA) is just getting into the worst of things for the next 10-14 days. I spoke to the an old friend today. His daughter is in charge of one of the local hospital ICUs, and has been dealing with this since last March. She lost her home in Hurricane Laura, so she is living with her parents. He drives her to work every day at 6 am, and picks her up in the evenings anywhere from 7 to 9 pm. This is seven days a week. It gets worse every day.
  25. Ryquell Armstead missed the entire season last year because of COVID and lingering respiratory complications. It probably ended his career. Eduardo Rodriguez missed all of the 2020 season due to myocarditis from a COVID infection.
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