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  1. Herbert. Cannon of an arm, 6'6", 235. Good solid kid, mentally FAST. Already proved he is coachable and can excel at this level. What are your questions?
  2. Much cheaper to pay a RB rookie contract and lock him up for 4, if not 5 years paying him a fraction of what it would cost to keep that veteran RB who had already seen a 400 touch season. Once they hit that touch total, their days are numbered and never worth the money to keep them. Finding a 220-230 lb RB that can catch seems to be the Steelers MO. It's a solid move to me knowing that Ben is almost done. If they are going to make a run at a championship with Ben, it's now or never. WRs are in place and that offense has always gone through a workhorse RB when it works right.
  3. Kareem Hunt and David Johnson were early 3rd round picks. Scarcity and landing spots will dictate where these RBs go. They were both mid to late 1st rd dynasty picks in their respective years. Even if Hubbard goes early 4th, he's a no later than 2.5 this year. If he's 5th, yeah he's garbage fantasy value-wise. I get what you are saying, I'm just not ready to write him off as fantasy irrelevant, which is what 20's typically represents.
  4. Fantasy mocks won't mean much until the NFL draft. 2019 tape will be what matters this year.
  5. I'll venture early 3rd to late 2nd NFL draft. This really is a bad year for RBs IMO, and obviously landing spot is everything, but that 2019 tape will get him drafted. I'll take a flyer on him in a year like this where we really don't know anything after the first 6-7 picks in fantasy drafts.
  6. Agreed. His 2019 tape is amazing! He's a gigantic play waiting to happen. The issue with his coach had to play a part in usage and attitude coupled with COVID and line issues. He's a going to be a great value in the 2nd half of the 1st round of dynasty drafts this year. It's a rough year for RBs in general so finding value is going to be tough.
  7. He’s still up by 10. There is no room for a bounce.
  8. Hahaa....and the Russian agent lover / Julian Assange fan (REN hoek) chimes in with more nonsense... you just can’t make this kind of lunacy up. Nothing you just posted is remotely tethered to reality. None of it. This is not a matter of interpretation. Don’t worry, Trump will be gone soon and we can all go back to agreeing on a set of facts again based in reality, not Russian propaganda. BTW, Hillary is not some black ops super killer leading Seth Rich kill squads and pizza parlor pedophile rings. Oh, and Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, not on the moon, mars, Kenya or wherever trump is
  9. Anyone thinking trump has this wrapped up is in a cult. Fact: Trump needed Russian help to lose by 3 million votes in 2016, eeked out the EC by 77K votes while Russia was attacking all 50 states voter rolls. (that is completely unprecedented and will not be replicated without help from hostile foreign intel services again) Facts matter. The majority of those on his 2016 campaign are now convicted felons or indicted. His campaign manager facilitated information warfare conducted on the American people by passing US voter targeting data directly to Russian intelligence with multiple follo
  10. The "in depth" analysis here is really what makes this board so valuable....🙄
  11. Yeah? How many games did he rush for over a 100 yds last year? And how did he do when you really needed him weeks 14-16? He's not in their gameplan. He's "nice to have" when he shows up but the team isn't counting on him in an every down capacity. It is what it is....just be cautious.
  12. I'm still pissed Philly leapfrogged Dallas to draft him last year. I swear it was just out of spite and knowing he was the right fit for their division rivals. Now the guy is going to waste the next 2-3 years in the league playing behind a stud TE unless there is an injury. Just a shame.
  13. Seriously, anyone really counting on Kenyan Drake for more than a bye week fill last year or this year is dead in the water. He might have gotten you a few wins last year and you may have liked him for a second, but the team has no plans for him to be a regular contributor. Draft and trade for at your own risk.
  14. Some people just can’t admit they were wrong. I also love it when people pretend like this is somehow not good for Tyreek Hill and his draft position / value or ability to produce this year and in the future.....like he just laid around for the last couple of months and ate donuts. It’s almost like they were dumb enough to trade him away at pennies on the dollar and think talking trash about him on some random internet chat board means anything in terms of actual NFL value and productivity. Just sad and stupid.... Congrats to anyone who held or bought low on Hill. You will be handsomely
  15. Holy overreaction! Glad I was wrong about my guess of a 4-6 game suspension. Sure am glad I held onto him in the two leagues I owned him and traded for him in another....whew!
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