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  1. Definitely trending toward AD being the culprit if all early reporting is accurate. Still hard for me to feel much empathy for Baldwin given his ####bag past and his persistent condescending ####posting on the topic. Empathy hits zero if he had any hand in the reportedly crappy corner-cutting culture on this set. Will be interesting to see things shake out.
  2. This 1000% If his choices to cut corners led to this, lock his ### up.
  3. The Baldwin memes right now are just incredible..😂 Lawd, the internet never disappoints.
  4. Meh. We keep 4-5 months of food on hand at all times. Probably 2 months of "normal" eating via two freezers of meats and a robust pantry... then 2-3 months of pasta/rice/beans/tinned meats/canned veggies/dehydrated eggs/pancakes/etc. Not hard to do and doesn't take much space. After that, there's always the "Memphis Black Card" (proper battle rifle) that's accepted everywhere 😂 By then it's survival of the fittest, and take what you need from those who can't stop you.
  5. My posts are on topic. Feel free to ignore me... takes less time than it took you to type that out. I even provided a handy link #worksmarternotharder
  6. Seriously... anyone who doesn't think this guy had an axe to grind re: guns has their jammed their head into the sand hard enough to turn it to glass. He's an ignorant #####, a hypocrite, and unfortunately has now killed someone. Countdown to him using this as a platform for his agenda...
  7. My bad.. I had no idea Baldwins role in The Departed (for starters) was pro-bono, Tim.
  8. So preaching against something, then profiting from it's use isn't hypocritical? That's a new take.
  9. So he didn't tweet that we need to rethink the second amendment? He hasn't mocked Gun rights issues on SNL? Tip of the iceberg. He's been an vocal anti-gun guy, often using ridiculous hyperbolic language and scenarios. Total ####### hypocrite. Shoo on back to the Politics forum, Tim. You're literally always wrong on this stuff.
  10. It's staggering that we are still having to explain even the most basic concepts around this pandemic 20 months later
  11. I said to get antibodies checked... if you don't have any, you need to get vaxxed. If you still have sufficient antibodies, you don't need to get vaxxed. That is a sound, scientifically backed approach. We have antibody tests. This isn't hard.
  12. I feel absolutely horrible for those who were injured or killed in this stunning display of ineptitude. Tragic and completely avoidable with even a modicum of safety protocol or firearms knowledge. The irony is not lost on me that a clearly ignorant hack that has recently made a living attacking 2nd amendment rights has now shot and injured/killed more people than the dozens and dozens of responsible firearms owners I interact with regularly (outside line of duty). I can only imagine he will somehow turn his own ####-up into fuel to further his hypocrisy-riddled agenda. So tragic, on so so many levels
  13. High Level Overview for those just now coming in or who have been out of the game for a while: For STREAMING TV Shows & Movies on-demand : NOT Live TV Kodi - More customizable / Less User-Friendly / Tons of builds and modules to add Terrarium TV clones (ie Cinema HD) - Easier to Use (Netflix-like) / Less customizable Real Debrid - Enhancement for above - Pay ~$3/mo for lots more very high quality links For LIVE TV - Not necessarily streaming/on-demand Shows & Movies (though some apps have some options) IPTV Services (Kemo, Kodi Solutions, etc) - Thousands of live channels on Similar UX IPTV Smarters - Enhancement for above - iOS/Android App + APK for FireTV - Better UX for your IPTV Service above (not standalone service).
  14. I see you're still getting your research from here. I'll give you credit.. at least you're consistent
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