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  1. Update. Ate a gummy and hit an Italian joint with good wine and a guy that spins Fire. 2 bottles later we come home and the dessert gummy Kicks in. Our swimming and some alpha Howler Monkey starts doing work in the tree above us. TLDR: if you record howler monkeys, territorial grunts/howls, then play It back through your speakers... they get pissed. Solid evenjfn of bizzaro world...
  2. That looks fantastic. Not sure we'll hit Nosara on this run (no car) but maybe! It's pretty surprising how many legit dining options there are on the Guanacaste coast.
  3. Been using it for 3 whole days so I feel confident in speaking to it's long term durability Amazon reviews seem good. In hand it's solidly made and I'd expect it to last. I will say it's SNUG initially but it will loosen up a bit I imagine. I dig it.
  4. Tonight is straight YOLO for me either way.
  5. I'm cheap so I grabbed this guy as a Poor Man's ridge wallet. Seems to be working well.
  6. #### it.. grabbed a 10pk of GME @ 99 even to YOLO with you Special People. If we moon, Mangos and Pipas for all. :
  7. Rosy the maid is here.. solid 6.5. Cute. No hablo ingles... so the Google translate iPhone game is in full effect. Very sweet young woman from Venezuela. Pool guy was due at 10am.. guess he's on Tico Time. No worries
  8. Howler monkeys make a pretty cool alarm clock. Good morning to you guys, too! Some Russian hacker hit my @6weekticos IG account... I guess the power of my 6 photos and 25 followers was too much to pass up. Got control back and turned on 2FA. Then tracked down his personal account, liked a photo of him and his wife with their real names it it, then trolled him on his computer build just to let him know I found him. Odd but whatever Today I'm buying coconuts and a machete. Gotta have something to pour some rum in this weekend! 😁
  9. I have a nice Spyderco Delica pocketknife w Damascus steel blade that I keep on me at all times. Comes in handy for all sorts of things that are not weapon related. Pretty common thing for a man to carry a pocketknife.
  10. Supposedly ripe / chilled / lime juice I dunno.. I'm relatively new to the papaya world. Will give it a shot tomm
  11. I've developed efficiencies. 80% of my job is making decisions and telling people what to do. Most of that can be done via cell phone in quick emails. Realistically though yeah I likely typically "work" in the traditional at-the-computer sense about 15 hours a week. Some weeks it's much more. Rarely is it much less. I do make myself available at most all hours via iphone for emails/texts to keep things moving. Somehow everyone I work with is convinced I'm slammed. I seem to get more done than most folks in our dept while running by far the largest portfolio. Annual reviews are "E
  12. Jesus I love this place. Miryam texted at 1pm to come to El Ancla for Chifrito. They serve it on Thursdays and Sundas and apparently it sells out. Told her we couldn't make it till 4:30. She says she'll have them hold us two. She sends some beach pics and stuff. We roll up at 4:30 and she's still there, clearly with a nice buzz. Sitting with a couple cute chicas. Chat for a bit and then go sit down. Beautiful spot and the Chifrito was incredible. She came over and chatted for a bit then back to her table, We had a few more drinks then left around 7 and she was still there
  13. Thankfully I haven't seen any dinosaurs yet on this trip Groceries were an adventure. Loaded up on fresh fruit... Pineapple 75 cents... Coconuts $1...Cantelopes 90 cents.... Huge ripe tomatoes 15 cents....huge Papaya $1.... Mangos 75 cents.... Made contact with a local woman known for having access to great fish... mostly Yellowfin Tuna ($4US/lb), but also Mahi, Marlin, etc. I'll be placing orders with her every Monday. Poke Bowls are going to be a thing here at the house. Shifting my diet here to about 90% fish + Fruit/Veggies (Pescatarian-ish)... driven partly by a push f
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