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  1. He was a beast. Got lucky and he swam at us for a bit. About 13 mins to land him. Had several great jumps at the 10 min mark. Flat spun around 12mins then gaffed and horsed it in. Here's the last minute including the landing You know it's a doozy when a pro fishing captain yells "#### Yeah!" And "Look at that fish Mane!" We wasted no time filleting / bagging him up. Didn't have my vacuum sealer here so used coconut straws to get a good seal. We are prob 2lbs as sashimi last night. 3-4lbs was made info ceviche. Rest is in steaks, About to run to the farmers market,
  2. So wiped. I got a 5-6' sailfish alongside the boat (can't bring on board here)... when he grabbed the leader for the photo it popped. Waiting on grab from captain's video. Brother landed a ~60lb / 63" Mahi Mahi. ... It is in the fridge/freezer and will provide many tasty meals.
  3. Nope. Harmless. Have had em crawling in my arms floating in the pool. No biggie. Centepedes are the ones that can be a pest with a good pinch. I think some may be venomous but haven't seen any.
  4. Answering my own questions from my first message for anyone who was curious.
  5. Scorpion link updated with pic of dead scorpion near koozie for scale. Don't love scorpions in the house but it's Costa Rica I guess. Thankfully they're not fatal here. Just burn like a #####. GF thinks she saw him day one in a closet, so may have been in the house the whole time. Who knows. C'est la vie We don't have much issue with ants except the counter above the diswasher... which happens to be my ideal food prep spot. Ive got to be quick and clean with clorox spray after or there will be 50 or so on there after I'm done. In general there's always a couple somewhere on the co
  6. Last night was walking through the house in the dark was thinking "finally get fully comfortable walking around this property barefoot. This morning the GF was showering, rinsing her here when she looks down and sees this guy 9" from her foot. To her credit, no freak out. Opened the bathroom door a little uneasy and wide eyed "I made a friend!" Naturally I was on scorpion smashing duty.
  7. Miryam just showed up with a septic crew to pump the tank. Not the best pics but what I could do. Pic from behind makes her look bigger than she is.. def has a nice figure. Turns our she is Colombian... lived here 15 years. Her grandmother ran a whore house back in her county
  8. I concur. Thus far ZERO ISSUES. Everyone has been beyond kind. Reminds me of Ecuador. I'm sure there are bad people in any country, but I will go on a limb as say the average Tico or Ecuadorian is likely more kind and giving (despite having less) than the average American. I'm not nearly as well traveled as many here.... but Both countries have been eye openers for me. Had some great experiences in Europe but I love Latin America.
  9. Internet seems to down every morning from 4am till 7am or so. Not the end of the world for me as long as it stays up 8a-5p but we'll see. The GF's morning Les Mills Bodypump streaming workout and Yoga Stream won't work without web so she's cranky For work, if it goes down the Kolbi/ICE Hot Spot will be first line of defense.... the the LoCoworking facility 100m down the road is our last line of defense. About $60/week for that insurance but worth it.
  10. No update on her. She's a total flake / free spirit so I'm guessing if she makes it it'll be kinda a last minute thing. As of right now, no confirmation. RENTAL CAR FUN; My brother wanted to rent a car to drive up to Nicoya for their Covid test Saturday. He's a huge procrastinator and it bites him in the ### sometimes. Well... Somehow prices doubled for Alamo. So I have him check National (the only other place in town). National has a good deal. Sweet. Talking to some locals they claim NATIONAL has closed down due to the pandemic, only ALAMO is running. I check
  11. My 6 week trip turns into 7...8..... This has absolutely crossed my mind
  12. Just got to test out the Costa Rican Healthcare system! Had a blister form and and get pretty swollen around it on my hip. Had gotten a worse over the last 4 days so hit the doctor. Didn't know if it was a bite or what... no idea what to expect. Turns out it was an ingrown hair that had formed a pretty good abscess. That's a first for me. He said it was good I decided to go see him given how large it had gotten. He pulled in a cart with an Ultrasound to check it out. Showed me the screen and explained everything. Had me head over to another room w a table... he numbed it with
  13. Costa Rica requires Covid insurance (Trawick) that is used to generate a healthpass QR code.... but no test. Ran us $87 for 7 weeks. A week runs about half that. Engljsh is hit or miss. Service industry staff has been 50%yes / 25% no / 25%.bare min Other areas a bit lower rate. Get some basic transactional Spanish down. Numbers 1-30 at least. Kolbi/ICE to get a sim installed and prepaid plan added was a treat. No English by the guy behind the counter.
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