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  1. Haven't been in a few years but via photos / friends it sounds like they've done a killer job.
  2. Good suggestions by Ron! I'll add that Willett is awesome. Cool your, great gift shop and the best tasting bar around.
  3. Cinema TV + Real Debrid still working great as a terrarium replacement. Think I've been without DirecTV for 3 years now? Maybe more?
  4. Border with Jordan may be an issue https://twitter.com/aiboardpsf/status/1393134744808865792?s=21
  5. Update: All pumps still full in Memphis despite Cletus and Margaret's best attempts to fill all their beanie baby rubbermaid tubs and empty Mountain Dew 2L Bottles with fuel earlier this week.
  6. You've heard what you wanted to hear this whole time, which has almost always been wrong. Don't try to play "mr science" now unless you're just trying to give us all a laugh, dude
  7. Burning Israeli flags and Pro-Palestinian graffiti showing up around Jewish buildings in Europe
  8. Very Bizarre day Hopefully all the noob paperhands folks don't #### their pants and dump us into the toilet.
  9. Literally dodging a bullet https://twitter.com/gab_h_r/status/1392578553800232969?s=21
  10. Sweet. Armed insurgents rolling into LOD https://twitter.com/aiboardpsf/status/1392562806399045634?s=21
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