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  1. Is there some rule that A 49ers player as to writhe on the ground in pain every other play?
  2. Yessir! Damn good price if you are down with a side folding brace. 👍🏼 DK Firearms has great pricing. They were where I got my first Bog from. Then I sold it when I got my Chopped SP9A1-K shorty from GunZoneDeals.
  3. Shooter was an ex employee pretty much confirmed locally. Again, it's unfortunate this coward had the luxury of dying by his own hand. In the end, "thankfully" it's looking like more folks will have died in other Memphis shootings last night than this one. Was wondering why people were focusing on Fox News then I remembered I'm in the Political Forum.... I feel like I need to take a shower after spending 5 mins in this place. Jesus
  4. Howdy. Pretty vocal pro 2A guy here Collierville was where my family and I laid down our roots when we left Boston/Massachusetts. Was a damn small down in 89/90 when my family bought a few acres on Byhalia Rd. The Kroger that got shot up today was quote literally my high school grocery store. Bagged groceries at that exact location in high school. Frankly not sure this one could have hit any closer to home. Scroll google maps EXACTLY one mile south on Byhalia Rd and you will find 385 going through a back yard of a really nice 4000sq ft house. It's overgrown now but that's where I spent my high school years. I could tell you a LOT of stories about growing up within a mile of there and having worked at that exact store. My only response.... I wish I was there today and had the ability to end that ####er's life before he ended others. The police got there quick... if you've ever done anything wrong in collierville like I have, you know the cops come Quick. Unfortunately they got there after this piece of #### excuse for a human chose to ##### our and shoot himself. #### you, #####. I say that to every ##### that takes people with themselves. #### you You're a #####. A #####, A coward. All this did was further solidify my 2A carry stance. I'll go ahead and tell you.... knowing collierville... the next guy will never make it to the roof.
  5. So if I'm #boosted Moderna, does that mean I can bench-press COVID for reps now? * * Dear COVID Gods, I'm clearly kidding. Please don't smite me with a rare breathrough severe infection.
  6. SO lots of rumors swirling around tonight's Black Keys show in Oxford. St Petersburg and Athens were supposedly fantastic shows... but tonight wraps up the mini-tour and is the only show actually IN the Delta, which is the point of the album and tour. COINCIDENTALLY tonight the Oxford Blues Festival kicks off in Oxford as well, and Jimmy "Duck" Holmes is playing. Jimmy is not only a Grammy-Nominated Blues legend, but also owns the Blue Front Cafe, the oldest juke joint in America just down the road from Oxford in Bentonia MS. The Black Keys dig Jimmy so much they played their Spotify Stream show "Delta Kream" Live from the Blue Front Cafe. Dan also recorded and released Jimmy's latest album... So... long way around... lots of rumblings some of the artists from the festival are rumored to be sitting in tonight... in particular "Duck". When I heard about this show I was HOPING there would be something special in the works and stars may be aligning. Fingers crossed.... I'm hoping to grab Balcony Rail and will be attempting to capture a chunk of the show using iPhone 12pro running a Shure mv88 condenser mic.
  7. LOVE that stuff... that's the best thing about live music. Those random "lightning in a bottle" nights
  8. So what's the plan in 2030 when you realize you've burned yet another decade? Are the wife and kids following you on THIS escapade after the last one?
  9. I think it's Adorable that a guy who was so certain he was smarter than scientists about religion (then invested decades of his life, only to find out he was living a lie).. is NOW absolutely certain he's smarter than scientists again. THIS TIME he's got it right, though. For certain. Seriously... it's precious.
  10. Requests from your employer Your employer can ask you for a doctor’s note or other health information if they need the information for sick leave, workers’ compensation, wellness programs, or health insurance. However, if your employer asks your health care provider directly for information about you, your provider cannot give your employer the information without your authorization unless other laws require them to do so. Generally, the Privacy Rule applies to the disclosures made by your health care provider, not the questions your employer may ask. See 45 C.F.R. §§ 160.103 and 164.512(b)(1)(v), and OCR's Frequently Asked Questions. For employer issues, contact: Department of Labor: (866) 4-USA-DOL Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: (800) 669-4000
  11. On the Contrary... ProstheticRGK, please allow me to introduce you to @CrossEyed2.... beating his head against the "can't" till it (sorta) reads "can" since 2003.
  12. Hey @CrossEyed2 if a those guys who jumped out of the world trade center to avoid being burned alive, but had a heart attack on the way down, they shouldn't be counted as victims the terror attacks on 9/11... amirite? I'm gettin the hang of #CrossEyedMedicine
  13. HEY THERE YOU ARE... Thanks for biting and confirming you can see my posts. While I've got here... you missed some questions above.
  14. Wrong. If only I had a copy of the "Covidiot TinFoil Hat Playbook" and could predict which comments and claims you'd parrot next. Oh wait... It's readily available in dozens of looney facebook groups. It's like a little bot-army parroting misinformation they've been unwittingly fed by Chinese/Russian/Etc psyops agents... but they're not self-aware enough to see or feel the hands up their skirts moving their mouths.
  15. Hey @CrossEyed2, In your mind If a hemophiliac is mugged and stabbed... then bleeds out on the sidewalk, was he murdered? Or is that one of those "Died WITH knife wound" thingies?
  16. Bumping this one too... @CrossEyed2 seems to be missing lots of important questions.
  17. Hey @CrossEyed2, it seems you missed this post again. I'm sure it was just because it was the last post on the previous page, because you're not the type of guy to run away from a question. Bumping it onto the current page for ya, GB. I'll have some follow up questions for ya depending on how you answer... so don't stray too far!
  18. @CrossEyed2 since you seem to have missed it in the other thread(s)... Rated on a scale of 1 (absolutely uncertain) to 10 (absolutely certain) 1) Three Years ago How Certain would you say you were that Science was wrong and Jesus was real? 2) Today, How Certain would you say you are that Science was wrong and Jesus is real? Thanks
  19. Arkansas hospital is requiring employees who claim a religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine to also voluntarily opt out of 30 additional commonly-used medications developed with fetal cell lines Epic bull#### call 🙇‍♂️ . https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210918/some-medications-also-tied-to-religious-vaccine-exemption
  20. Co-founder of anti-vaccine group gets COVID-19, asks protesters to stop https://www.wral.com/coronavirus/co-founder-of-anti-vaccine-group-gets-covid-19-asks-protesters-to-stop/19885625/
  21. The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Catalogs Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths This is not a forum that attempts to change minds. It’s much darker. The HCA subreddit has been mentioned in here, as has the copycat SorryAntivaxxer website.. but this article offers an interesting take / writeup.
  22. Is Thursday night's show for the Black Keys at the tiny Lyric Theater in Oxford MS maybe living in the future with COVID protocols? - Vax card or negative test (48h) required - COVID-Sniffing dogs working the lines! 😂🤘🏼 Apparently these pups are about 92% accurate, making them close to PCR test accuracy (the gold standard). I was a bit nervous about this show... much less so now. 😂🤘🏼🥃
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