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  1. Yeah, Robert should start taking drugs like the Seattle players and...oh wait
  2. I like Cousins a lot but come one, he'd get killed too. Line doesn't have time to let the receivers run any routes, that's why you see 12 freaking screen passes or more every game. Offense is just horribly bad right now. Bad line, horrible receivers, with no Reed tonight horrible TEs, and yes, Robert isn't playing great either.
  3. again, if the Panthers have any realistic chance of beating NE, they are going to need to score points. That means the drops MUST stop! They can't afford to kill multiple drives like they seem to do every week because Smitty, Brandon, Greg, and company mistake the football coming at them for a swarm of bees or something....
  4. Impressive win and if Smith, LaFell, and Olsen didn't drop passes all day they might have won in an even more impressive fashion.
  5. STEADYMOBBIN 22 - You realize he is playing with a BRACE on his knee right? When that comes after this year is over, you'll see a MUCH more explosive RG3. Just look at his college career for the proof.
  6. I'm starting Rivers over him, but MAY start him over Cam in 1 league due to Cam's tough matchup vs 49ers
  7. Would anyone blame a PPR dynasty owner for trading away Richardson and a 2nd for L. Bell? I hate to give up on him, but I am growing increasing frustrated if not heart broken by what I've seen since he became a Colt....
  8. Just watched the game on my DVR and I thought Stewart looked very good. He has more power and speed than DWill has at this point. I think he could become a very useful player over the last half of the season. Looks good catching the ball too (as does Tolbert)
  9. He just needs to be on the field. Just needs reps and the ball. Nothing NOT to like so far.
  10. I think the media played a part in this, as they brought a LOT of negative attention and questions about the offense. About time they freaking used Miller!
  11. Starting Cam over RG3 (so expect RG3 to go off this weekend)
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