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  1. I remember watching him last season and being impressed. I like this kid and think he has a chance to be a solid player.
  2. Like most, I like the player, just not at 17. I can't help but wonder why they wouldn't have moved back a few spots, get a few extra picks and still get the player they wanted. However, you need to have a partner to trade with and I can only surmise that there were no takers to do so in the range we wanted. In the end, my problem with the pick is I simply don't believe he would have been gone at #48 when the Raiders pick next. That said, why not pick up a solid, strong, can't miss player, even along the OL in Darishaw, and then grab your guy at 48. I would have gone D at 17 and felt p
  3. Parsons is a monster and would be an instant injection of life into our defense. A lot of people like us taking OL at 17 and many really love the kid from Notre Dame, Koramoah. To me, if Parsons is there at 17 we'd be crazy not to take him.
  4. If Miami lands either Pitts or Chase, do we think Tua can be a #1 fantasy QB this year?
  5. I really liked Darnold coming out of college. Between his getting mono and the ####show that is the NYJ, he never really had a chance in NY. I think he is going to be a very good QB. He can make all the throws and has a very good attitude. I'm pulling for the kid. I think Panther fans are going to be happy as he develops.
  6. I'm hoping Ruggs can be that guy. He looked very good in the limited action he saw before he first got hurt. With him taking the top off defenses, guys like Renfrow and Brown can have a field day in the middle of the field, which makes matching up with Waller even more difficult. Fingers crossed
  7. I was able to grab Tunyan and was planning on starting him this week over Henry. If Allen and/or Williams are out, I may make a last minute change. Herbert seems locked in on Allen inside the 10 yard line.
  8. Hi all. I hope everyone is safe and sound. I drafted Ryan to be my guy this year and went out and traded for Jones mid year and have had delusions of grandeur ever since. Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to be in my division championship game this week. It looks like Jones isn't playing and I'm faced with the dilemma as to whether to start Ryan or not. I drafted Carr as my backup and he has been impressive for fantasy purposes, just not consistent for my taste. I know it's a thinly veiled who do I start question but how does the shark pool feel about Ryan this week without Jones (assumin
  9. I'm a big karma guy and don't ever wish for bad things for anyone. That said, it wouldn't make me sad if he tripped on the stairs getting off the plane and he suffered non-life threatening but painful, season ending injuries. Freaking bozo. Raiders signed him when nobody else would touch him. Gave him a ton of dough to be our guy. Look how he treated us. Guy was a clown from the frozen feet to the helmet thing and his verbally and physically assaulting the owner. Karma is a fickle ##### and I can't help but hope that she pays a visit to Brown and the Bucs.
  10. The game got moved off sunday night to ensure there is a game sunday night. With Vegas sending its entire O line home I guess they feel there is a decent chance the game will have to be moved to another week. Gotta give the fans a Sunday night game. This ensures it....baring a covid outbreak in Seattle or Arozona
  11. It looks like we will probably face the Saints without Michael Thomas.
  12. Any updates on Godwin? I get nervous with any head injury and the concussion protocol. I haven't heard a word since the game. Not sure if that's good or bad.
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