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  1. Yeah but they are terrible at it...you fleeced threm in these deals
  2. Straight PPR? I might do that while Reed is healthy. I like HH and think he is going to be a fixture in fantasy in SD as long as Rivers is the QB
  3. I'll take Alshon and Cooks. Deep starting lineups for 14 teams
  4. I'll take the picks Startup picks or 2016 rookie draft picks? I wouldn't trade 1.10 for all those 17 picks if it is 1.10 startup Cobb Is ODB OBJ? Gordon Lockett
  5. Won't disagree but I think Crowder's role is established enough. Garcon/DJax and Doctson are all the outside guys and Crowder seems like the only slot guy
  6. Seriously? Did your trade partner know it was a superflex league?
  7. Melvin Murray and Decker for me but pretty close Watkins Maclin Gio Picks White
  8. 17 1st. I like McCoy but just too much value on the other side. Even if the pick is middle 4-8 I like it
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