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  1. 12 TM Dyno with IDP—NO PPR- balanced scoring 1.5/.75 per tackle/asst Team A: M Thomas Team B: F Warner start max 4 WR team moving Thomas owns : J Jefferson/K Allen/T Mclaurin/ J Chase/C Davis/D Mooney/B Edwards/J Palmer must start 4 LB DeionJones/Nick Kwiatkoski/J Davis(Wash)/Rashaan Evans current starters NOTE: both players are projected to score 180 points in our scoring format which begs the question: upgrade at LB and spread out the talent or keep the depth at WR-
  2. 10 TM Dyno A: Brian Burns B: Bobby Okereke/Romeo Okwara
  3. Good point on cap room in Philly- never think about that. Loved Taylors tape at Colorado. No concerns about Vigil or Tranquil eating into Murray’s production? Thoughts on Barton and Brooks in Sea- Wagner takes a licking but keeps on ticking(under contract til ‘23) and Wright is 31 and in contract year(I believe)
  4. Not sure if the link works- 10 Team Dynasty- NO PPR(except .5 for TE) - standard scoring -Superflex -IDP Balanced scoring (1.5 per tackle/.75 assist, 4 pts for each sack/int, 3 pts for each forced/recovery fumble, 1 pt for each pass def) Start 10 OFF 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1flex(RB,WR,TE), 1 SFlex(QB, WR, TE)-cannot start 4RBs IF you start 2QBS Start 10 DEF 3 DL, 3LB, 3DB one Flex https://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=15060&O=17 Have similar scoring Dynasty next week - only difference is it is a tiered PPR(.5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE) Next week. Will post next Saturday
  5. Hey Everyone- thoughts on a few LB’s - I’ve seen these guys get drafted all over the place cant figure out Dynasty value for them K Murray- D Taylor- L Wilson -
  6. 10 Team Dyno Standard scoring NO PPR... Team B recieves- M Evans Team A recieves- Fournette 2nd deal with Team A Team C recieves- 1st and 3rd(both late, 7-10 range) Team A recieves- Mixon, Benard Team A only had Montgomery and Guice at RB and also owned C Godwin
  7. As someone who drafted Cook years ago and Is currently still on my Dynasty roster, I will be looking to move him as soon as he shows any type of value where I can get the most for him..... With that being said, I been trying to do this since he was with GB. Moral of the story is- if he’s depth for you, move him for something of need on your roster if he is your starter, expect a few great games and a bunch of average to subpar numbers. I hope he proves me wrong.
  8. 10 TM NO PPR Dynasty - Team A gets- 1.9 Team B gets - Ito Smith and 2.2 Team B Does not own Freeman. Hmmmm....
  9. 12 Team 2 QB Start, NO PPR Dynasty- Team A gets - 1.12 & 2.4 Team B gets- J Allen (QB) Team B only has Marriota at QB- lost Alex Smith & Tannehill -Traded Brady for pick 1.12
  10. I agree. And as one of the owners in this league- I know how hard it is to acquire a top tier QB, let alone one that you can feel confident in starting week in and week out. When the owner with the picks asked me about this deal, I thought he should of instaclicked the accept button But he hemmed and hawed about it for two days before accepting. I told him, you’re trading three wildcard picks in 4, 12 and 16(and owner still has to hit on the players)for the 7th highest scoring QB in our league last year. While there’s a chance he may not repeat, the upside of its worth the risk- only 23 and Bill O’Brien isn't going anywhere- No elite RB on roster and healthy Fuller, Coutee and arguably the best WO in football.
  11. 12 Team 2 QB start IDP Dynasty League - NO PPR - standard Scoring Team A receives -Deshaun Watson Team B receives- 1.4 , 1.12 & 2.4 Team A only has D Carr, Tannehill, and Bradford at QB but at other positions- At RB- Kerryon Johnson, K Hunt, J Ajayi, N Hines, S Ware and C Edmonds At WR- K Allen, D Adams, M Thomas, C Davis At TE- E Engram, J Cook
  12. The only way Burfict gets on this roster is if AB gives the blessing to do so. And I doubt that happens- no chance Morrow gets a shot.?. He looked okay in spot duty...
  13. 10 TM- 2QB tiered PPR(.5\1\1.5) Dynasty JuJu, Fournette for S Barkley
  14. Two points I would like to make- If this rumored OBJ deal happens 1)both OBJ and Landry are already supreme talents at WR - these guys motivating/competing against each other daily might push them to new levels 2) Chubb will rush for 2000 yards easy*** ***I believe the Browns O line said they felt bad he didn’t get 1k and promised 2k this year - hope it wasn’t Zeitler that said it.
  15. 10 Team IDP Dynasty full PPR start 2 QB’s Team A moves: Trubisky, Cooks Team B Moves Brees, Baldwin, A Donald Team A owns Kupp, K Allen, JuJu , Sheppard, Stills, Gronkowski, Kittle Team A owner also lost Garoppolo so only has Newton/Bortles/Trubisky at QB i should also add Team A is 4-0 currently
  16. 10 Team Dyno with 10 IDP start(3DL,4LB,3DB) 1.5 per tackle/.75 assist,4 points per sack Team A trades:J Bosa/M Garrett/A Ogletree/R Ragland for Team B trades:E Griffin/B Graham/K Alonso/M Smith/A Thielen Team B rebuilding and not a contender
  17. 1) Jordan Howard finishes as a top 5 RB in standard scoring 2) Mike Evans finshes under 1000 yards receiving 3) Garoppolo leads the league in passing yards 4) Gronk has the best statistical season ever by a TE 5) L Murray scores more TDS than Dalvin Cook
  18. A few years ago I had an owner with the name I only poop when Eifert.
  19. Has he earned the role of 1st wide receiver taken in dynasty rookie drafts? Or is Moore/Sutton still top draw? I’ve heard owners say they would take him late 1st if not early 2nd in standard scoring leagues.....
  20. 10 Team 2QB IDP dynasty league with standard scoring(no PPR) 2 new owners rebuilding - Team A moves: M Stafford/C Thompson/J Sheard/2019 5th Team B moves:Flacco/A Morrison/2019 1st(4-8 range) Team A moves:M Evans/M Barron/H Smith Team C moves: 11th pick this year/2019 1st Team A now has 5 2019 1st rounders and has Brady/Garoppolo/Manning ; Cooper/JuJu/Thielen/Gordon/Hogan
  21. 10 Team Dynasty PPR RB/WR start 1QB/3RB/4WR/1TE Team A trades :K Cupp Team B trades: Yeldon/Garcon Team A owns Brandon Cooks/Fournette/Garoppolo Team B owns Jared Goff
  22. When you say much better, I assume you’re saying it’s more of a 50/50 deal now. As the commissioner of the league some owners Said they felt it was still 70/30 Newton side.... I told them when you have QB capital like that, you can make moves like that
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