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  1. He's going to be too expensive come draft day. I can already see it
  2. Yes. Although I think both can put up #'s that could be a solid RB2. West- 15 touches 70yds/td Crow 15 touches 70yds/td The 50/50 split is fine as long as the touches for each guy is 15-20. Pettine has been pretty fair at giving West and Crow goal line opportunities
  3. I'm tempering my excitement. I don't trust Pettine/Shanahan to commit to either RB. I think what we're looking at here is a 50/50 split week to week, hot hand situation that will lead to further fantasy angst. I will start Crow but not with confidence.
  4. This same system would have made him 50 million dollars had he just followed the rules. The trade off for giving up the right to be young and immature is being paid more money than most of us can dream of
  5. The Colts blocking schemes are terrible. Hamilton is suspect as an OC at best. He needs to go back to college and the Colts need a true OC like Norv Turner you know
  6. Can't see JG getting off unless its a situation where he gets re-instated early for good behavior. Otherwise he's done for the year for sure. Too many transgressions on his record to turn the other cheek on this one. I don't think the Rice suspension has any bearing when you consider JG is a multiple time offender and hasn't learned his lesson despite being warned time and again My best guess is he's gone for the year
  7. I don't know. When your other receivers would be considered a #4 receiver on any other team, I think his start is by default. Reps with the starters are extremely valuable. Especially with a new crop of WRs, however good or bad they might be. Gordon starting and getting a good amount of PT spoke volumes to me about how the Browns perceive his chances for playing this year. They may be way off base in their assessment, but make no mistake, they are MUCH more informed and have A LOT more at stake than any of the armchair sleuths littering this thread. It could be the Browns coaching staff are
  8. He was good and bad which I expected in his first NFL game. I think you'll start to see more good plays than bad as he goes along. Only time will tell but I give his performance a C+. He needs to avoid staring down his receivers and looking at option 2 and 3 before tucking and running. He did look comfortable and in control of the offense which is sometimes the hardest thing for a rookie QB.
  9. Obviously, I mean unless an eye witness comes forward who says they saw Gordon toking away on a fatty there's always a shadow of a doubt. No shadow with OJ. Goodell is getting too wrapped up in the discipline for weed users in the offseason. Give it a rest man, let 'em smoke in offseason for Pete's sake FREE JOSH GORDON!!!
  10. Oh man I love the stone you get from shrooms. Its been way too long since I had some I smoke it whenever its going around at a party or when golfing usually. Nothing better than launching a rocket on the course!
  11. I think at this point Ray Rice should get the benefit of the doubt from Goodell that he wont strike another woman. He has learned his lesson according to the NFL. He should have gotten four games but its too late for that now Gordon doesn't get the benefit of the doubt because he clearly hasn't learned his lesson. Personally, I don't get why the NFL tests players for weed in the offseason anyway. In season testing is ok but when the players are enjoying their time off out of season, they should be able to launch a rocket just like everyone else.
  12. Frozen salmon taped to the bottom of a co workers chair. It thaws out slowly and they wont know where the smells coming from
  13. Weeden is a better fit for Gordon. Campbell has no downfield vision and just doesn't seem to want to throw the deep ball
  14. Terrible decision? No not really when you consider that GSP was moving forward the entire fight and has been the champ for six years. As a challenger you have to take the title from the champ. You cant think the judges will give it t you. In a close fight the belt remains with the champ. That's how its been forever
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