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  1. In the beginning, I believe he deliberately omitted critical information that completes the entire picture. He got exposed, and he seems to be doing better since. Damage has already been done. There’s gonna be a lot that goes on in the coming weeks. It will take a while to recover. Abbot’s job is only beginning here. There is an opportunity for him to recover. We’ll see what happens.
  2. Only thing we can do at this point is ride it out until temperatures rise. Beyond that, so much infrastructure needs to be replaced/repaired. And that will cut into profits. So we can all probably expect our utility bills to increase. Abbot just needs to be honest. This is not political.
  3. Apparently ERCOT uses the winter months to perform maintenance. And as a result, many systems are shut down during this time. This contributed to some of the unpreparedness. A better time to do maintenance would be in the spring and the fall. These are the times when we don’t use our A/C and heat pumps, and energy usage is likely at its lowest. Why perform maintenance in the middle of winter?!
  4. When Texas went dark, conservatives (including the ####### Governor) were quick to put the blame on renewable energy resources. And that simply is not true. Everything failed. The right thing to do is to be honest and transparent. And do every thing you can to help those in need. The moral grandstanding should wait until the crisis is over.
  5. In less than two months, Ted Cruz has stoked the fires of an insurrection, and when his state and his electors are freezing, he jets off to Mexico. Just cannot make this stuff up. https://twitter.com/davidshuster/status/1362272883775582209?s=21
  6. I don’t disagree. And good for you. You’re opinionated, and you should be able to speak your mind. Wish more people could be as introspective as you clearly are.
  7. My power just went down again. Had been on since 7am, so my house has mostly warmed up. Still have a roaring fire going. Was out splitting logs most of the day, and have a good amount of firewood. Took a wash cloth shower, as I have no running water. Two more days to go!
  8. For the record, I haven’t said anything bad about anyone. Rush was a lightning rod. Like him or not, there will be a full spectrum of opinions on the guy. Me personally, I never listened to him. Though I think it’s safe to say that we disagreed in most topics.
  9. I just want to understand the rules. Seems to be a different set of rules for certain people.
  10. Were you this upset when Trump denigrated John McCain after his death?
  11. But it’s okay for Trump to speak ill of just about everyone? Living, dead, women, men, abled, disabled? Why is everyone okay with that? Just curious.
  12. And now many cities are getting boil notices because the water treatment facilities have lost power and have been unable to maintain treatment pressures.
  13. I started dripping all of my faucets last Friday. Finally shut off the main valve on Monday. First of all, Texas does not build in preparation for a winter storm like this. Second, nobody anticipated these extended power outages. And lastly, many people are simply incapable of thinking about it or the ability to shut their water off even if they knew it should be done. Texans were unprepared. And this was shared between our leaders/elected officials and individual responsibility.
  14. The fluffy snow from the past few days now has maybe a 1/2” layer of ice on top it. My dogs can no longer frolic.
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